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STRAIGHT OUT OF LA WHAT'S GOING ON OVER THERE? So you've got the album "My Own Lane", just out now, I know you've got featuring on it, you've got "Bad Ass" as well on it, I mean wow what a powerful tune, you can fling it on in clubs man, everyone start jumping. YEAH THAT'S DEFINITELY A CLUB / MANLY STRIP CLUB RECORD YOU KNOW? WHAT A GREAT TRACK GETTING THOSE TWO TOGETHER, MEEK MILL AND WALE ON IT AND YOU'VE GOT A VIDEO ON IT WITH HOT GIRLS ON IT. Yeah man we had some fun. I think with that rec, when I got it done I had a version with just me on it. I had a full song, you know, just me, with a bunch of verses and a bridge. And then we kinda sat on the record it was like "yo it could be a really dope single". You know Meek Mill everybody at that time was asking us to do something new. We have already been working, you know, when I was independent. And people kept asking for that new Meek Mill Kid Inc. After getting Meek Mill on it, you know, the idea of just, you know, we can take, this is a single and make it even bigger. But now I really want to put a bunch of features on it to take it away from Kid Ink. Still, you know, who could rocked this record out and give a different vibe to it, you know. It's just dope, you know, MMJA, Wale who's a complete different sound from Meek Mill, like he added a different vibe, but it's still coming from the same group. It's like more sort of a click who actually rocks with me, when I'm saying Ross, Wale, me, you know all the people who rock with me from the beginning. Ross even try to sign me back at one point. It was one of those thing where I was kind of giving back after doing my deal. "I noticed you guys rankle me, so let's continue to keep this going." YOUR SONG "SHOW ME", HAS 28 MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE, WAS PRODUCED BY DJ MUSTARD AS WELL AND IT WAS NUMBER ONE IN THE HIP HOP CHART, 23 ON THE UK SINGLE CHART, TELL US MORE ABOUT IT. I got this zipper beat from DJ Mustard, and it was just this one that stood out, it was the show bb. I haven't even recognize the sample or anything, it was just the beat, felt good and it felt like one that I have been missing. Especially from DJ Mustard, I felt like I had a lot of DJ Mustard records but some of them weren't really kindling vibe, they were, me try to hop on different sound in a way that other people have already mastered. So with the "Show Me" record it was a different type of Mustard beat for me, and it was something I could rock with. You know I brought in the boy T Fly to help me to write this dope hook. After that we had just this great song, that we felt like was a single but we still needed that touch on it, man. When I hit Chris and he came into the studio, I definitely understood where he was needed where I didn't know, first we didn't know, but after getting Chris on the record, "okay that's it, that's the energy" CHRIS BROWN DIRECTED THE VIDEO AS WELL? Yeah man he directed it and wrote the treatment up and called me you know saying I revise some stuff on the treatment, I gave a couple ideas and he just went back in. And I met him up at the video set, he was behind the camera, start to finish. I ALSO HEARD THAT TREY SONGZ MIGHT JUMP IN FOR A REMIX. I tweeted out to the fan, because you know I try to always hit the fan, have been giving them a response about everything that's moving. I wanted to just know who they wanted to see on a remix, even though we've started making some moves, and Trey Songz ended up re tweeting back in, he was excited about the situation. So that would be just dope, we never worked together before, so it would be something dope, you know to get Trey on a record and it would be brand new for the fans. AND YOU HAVE A RECORD LABEL THING GOING ON WITH DJ ILL WILL? We are trying to build it man, I think it started with just me and Ill Will, you know CEO is trying just to put our ideas together and make this movement happen. And hopefully we can build a bigger brand with more artists soon. HOW DID IT HAPPEN BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR RECORD LABEL RCA? The record label thing happened, you know, it was a go. It was a thing you know, we were independent and we set a go to, you know, we gonna do this independently, make this moves, hit this numbers this week and go after that deal you know. They wanted a deal early because they felt I could be a dope artist just off looks but at the same time we needed to prove something, just musically, man, and release that independent album. WHAT'S NEXT FOR KID INK BASICALLY? Next I just want to grow the movement, hopefully ask some more artists and producers in, now just focus on Kid Ink and focus on the whole brand. IS THERE A NEW ALBUM OR MIXTAPE COMING SOON FROM YOU PERSONALLY? Of course man, I'm gonna continue working. And expect something this year, you know what I'm saying, whether being mixtape, album or compilation, just something with Kid Ink name on it, you know. INTERVIEW Wondah | KID INK " They wanted a deal early because they felt I could be a dope artist just off looks but at the same time we needed to prove something " Follow @KID_INK 7 23 Issue 60 / 2014 HIPHOP / RNB On both sides of the Atlantic. He had hits like "Time of your life", "Bad Ass", and the runaway hit "Show me" which features Chris Brown, has raked up over 27 million views on Youtube. I'm talking about the producer, songwriter, rapper, performer who said "Aren't nowhere to park, backyard as big as an amusement park, come through lookin' like the millionaire march".

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