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7 25 Issue 60 / 2014 HIPHOP / RNB SO YOU RECENTLY HAD A SHOW IN BRIXTON HOW WAS THAT? Matt: It was fucking awesome man! We had some ladies on stage and then we even had some ladies crowd surfing. To top it off we had a bit of boob signing too so all in all it was a good time! SO WHERE ARE YOU HEADED NEXT WITH THE TOUR? Matt: We're going to Hamburg next and we have a few more shows coming up in Germany. Then we've got a bunch of stops in Switzerland and we'll be in Brussels in Belgium. I think that raps it! This is actually our first time in the U.K but we're having a great time. HOW DOES IT DIFFER PLAYING IN EUROPE RATHER THAN THE STATES? Matt: The main thing that sticks out is that you guys can smoke indoors in some places over here. I've got virgin lungs cause in New York you can't smoke indoors. I'm not used to that! I'm about to just pick up smoking so next time I'll be good, I'll be prepared for it! Another major thing that stood out was a lady tried to give E fellatio on stage in London on Sunday! E Almost came no 2 to Danny Brown it almost happened! WHAT WAS THE CRAZIEST EXPERIENCE YOU'VE EVER HAD ON TOUR? Matt: That's a tough one! One time when we were in Germany, we were out getting something for the tour van and we got stopped by the cops. We got searched crazy! They searched everything except my body! They were all up in my wallet, they even had my passport out! We must of looked suspicious or something! We had a male cop searching us but the wackiest thing was there was a female cop beside him that looked good so it was a pity she couldn't search us! EP: The girl that simulated oral sex on stage would probably be the craziest experience I've had so far! It was pretty wild man to do that out in the open! SO YOU GUYS HAVE A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT IN FEBRUARY 2014? WHAT CAN WE EXPECT? Matt: Well the album is called Peace Kehd and it's coming out on February the 18th! We had a good time making it! The album really is a reflection of how we were feeling at the time when we were making it. I can't wait for it to come out! I want people to just sit with it and take it all in! DID YOU BOTH SOLELY PRODUCE THE ALBUM? EP: Ya we both produced the album. It's teamwork baby that's how it works! So everything has to run through the both of us including women. AND DO YOU FIND YOU EXPRESS YOURSELVES MORE AS PRODUCERS OR MC'S? EP: It really is self expression through everything we do. Through the lyrics, the beats. It all plays a roll, it's all like one big package. WHO ARE YOU FEELING AT THE MOMENT? Matt: We're huge Dom Kennedy fans. Even when it comes to the business side of things! EP: I think Lil b the base guy. He was a big influence the way he did his videos and got himself out there organically. IF YOU COULD COLLABORATE WITH ANY ARTIST WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? Matt: That's a tough one I'm horrible at coming up with ideas on the spot! EP: I'd love to have a studio experience with Dr. Dre. I just want to see how he functions I think there's a lot of mystique about him! WHO IS THE BIGGEST CELEBRITY YOU'VE EVER MET AND DO YOU EVER GET STAR-STRUCK EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE STARS YOURSELVES? EP: Rappers don't really get star- struck cause you know we're in the game. It becomes a competition! I'm big into the food world though. I would be more enamored by food celebrities. Matt: I think if we met like Nas or Jay Z we'd be star-struck. I met Richard Jefferson the basketball player randomly at Yankee Stadium before! Other than that I don't know if I've met too many huge celebrities. We get to meet a lot of cool people in the rap world too though. ARE YOU GUYS INFLUENCED BY MOB DEEP? Matt: Ya we're big Mob Deep fans we love him! The infamous is definitely one of my favourite albums. We're influenced by a lot of things but he's definitely a huge influence for both of us. INTERVIEW Matt Watkins | DOPPELGANGAZ " The album really is a reflection of how we were feeling at the time when we were making it. I can't wait for it to come out! I want people to just sit with it and take it all in! " follow @TheDoppelgangaz This American duo have been making some serious waves with their recent releases, smashing it both in the scene and with true hip hop heads. Jamming up venues across the globe with some mad antics, they stopped by for a hot minute to catch us up on all the latest.

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