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36 THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2014 • • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT • Spring 2014 37 I have said the word "PowerDriver" probably 5,000 times since my introduction to sublimation in 1998, especially more than ever since I have been interacting with you, the customer, as a specialist for a few years now. And I don't think that 5,000 is an exaggeration at all. I've also realized that despite some of the shortcomings of the PowerDriver that I have come to know, intimately working with it day after day, I have taken this piece of technology for granted. This can happen to any tech- nology that we all use daily. For instance, I love my iPhone®, but I get aggravated when I have to make a second attempt to successfully launch a Facetime call. In reality, I should be amazed that the ability to hear and see my daughter in real time from thousands of miles away exists at all! To be honest, there have been some functionalities of the PowerDriver that I believe needed some improvements, so now that a significant improvement has come to a technology that I use almost every day, I was more than happy to write about it. For those not familiar with the Pow- erDriver, it's safe to assume that you are unfamiliar with sublimation, in which case, this would be a great issue to get yourself up to speed on. But briefly stated, it does the color correction needed to make the images on your screen end up looking fantastic on the product. Try sublimating directly to an Epson or Ricoh printer driver without it or without a profile designed for sublimation ink, and you will understand the difference. Night and day. And now the PowerDriver has evolved. The new PowerDriver from Saw- grass™, PD 4.0, has several advanced features as well as a user-interface that is more user-friendly and yet still has many of the original features and overall look from previous versions of the Power- Driver. The installation process has also been streamlined to make the experience fast and easy. PowerDriver 4.0 is available for the Ricoh 3110 and 7100. Easy InstallatIon One of the benefits of PD 4.0 is the quicker installation process. For previous set ups, it was required to download the OEM printer driver from Ricoh first and then install the PowerDriver. The new ver- sion of PowerDriver removes the first step. By installing the new PowerDriver, the appropriate Ricoh driver is installed automatically. FamIlIar IntErFacE FEaturEs WIth nEW addItIons Previous generations of PowerDriver had options within the Preference's Virtual Printer Driver interface to choose from a variety of substrate options, media types and color modes to tailor the printing process for specific print jobs. PD 4.0 continues to incorporate these options as well as adds functionality to choose preset options for traditional substrates like ChromaLuxe ® , ceramic mugs and polyester shirts (See Figure 1). This can take some of the trial-and-error process away for first-time users. In addition, for jobs that require a unique setting, presets can be created and saved with the various Road-Testing the Next Generation of the PowerDriver By Shon Roti An Overview of PD 4.0. Figure 1 Figure 2 _SubReport 14.indd 36 2/28/14 9:22 AM

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