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20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 87 86 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 Gallery Wrap Johnson Plastics intro- duces Gallery Wrap for users to make prized photos look like rich oil paintings. Simply sub- limate a favorite photo onto Gallery Wrap's spe- cial canvas, then stretch the sublimated canvas over the frame to create a stunning work of art. Johnson Plastics will help you get started with: Gal- lery Wrap corner Guide Starter Kit (includes four corner guides, 4-oz. of glue, 10 pins), frame stretcher bars (8" X 10" or 11" X 17" in kits or 8", 10", 11" or 14" bars in pairs), precut canvas (11" X 13" for 8" X 10" or 8" X 8" portraits, or 14" X 17" for all other sizes), and additional material allow- ance to wrap around the frame. For best results, call Johnson Plastics cus- tomer Service at1-800- 869-7800 when placing your first order. Johnson Plastics Bloomington, MN (800) 869-7800 GT-381 Maximize your profit potential with this mod- ular direct-to-garment printer with cMYK and four white print heads. The eight print heads coupled with single pass printing allows for increased productivity. it features up to 1,200 dpi printing, allowing for photographic quality printing of images. Print directly from your USB flash drive with the new USB flash drive compat- ibility (flash drive not included). Enjoy faster download speeds with LaN/Ethernet con- nectivity (free update required). convenient, built-in user interface, no riP required. Our new front-loading ink cartridge system is designed to provide consistent print quality and a more compact footprint. Brother International Corp - Industrial Prod- ucts Division Bridgewater, NJ (877) 996-9411 Image Armor Dark Pretreatments image armor is a new formulation for direct- to-garment printers that takes the guess work out of pre-treating. Easier application and a wider application window make "over" pre-treating a thing of the past. image armor has two formulas to meet the needs of the dTG printer today. Both operate and function in the same manner of application and curing, but have two distinctly different uses. The light shirt formula is designed for cMYK only or white +cMYK printing on white to light colored garments. The dark shirt formula is designed for white + cMYK printing on mid colors to dark colored shirts. image armor darK Shirt Pretreatment Formula was developed to help make the pre- treating process easier, improve color vibrancy and washability on 100 percent cotton fabrics. Image Armor LLC New Philadelphia, OH (877) 673-4377 Speedy 400 The Speedy 400 from Trotec Laser, inc. is the perfect solution for processing fabric and other substrates. With a working area of 39'" X 24", it is the perfect size for laser engrav- ing promotional wear and other items with top speed and preci- sion. The laser beam is "always sharp" and able to cut intricate designs and patterns easily. Textiles suitable for cutting with a laser include linen, cotton, silk, felt, and more. Trotec lasers are even used for laser cutting strong materials, such as Kevlar or other technical textiles. Trotec Laser Inc Canton, MI (866) 226-8505 Edge TPS The Edge Targeted Pretreatment System is unlike any automated pre-treatment system available. This clean, easy-to-use, open system takes garment pre- treating to its highest level. Unlike most "unat- tached" pre-treatment boxes (which only treat large square zones on the garment), our exclu- sive EdgeLiNK Software makes a fluid integrated connection from the riP, to the Edge machine, to the printer. EdgeLiNK uti- lizes the white layer that riP software generates to print the white under base, which produces a unique "mask" that is targeted to only where the image will print. BelQuette Inc Clearwater, FL (877) 202-0886 Digital Direct-to-Garment/Substrate (D2) Equipment and Supplies pw PW_MidMarch14.indd 86 2/28/14 1:59 PM

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