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16 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 17 S ocial media, despite all the articles and webinars and books and sites and gurus out there claiming otherwise, is not an exact science. For those managing company social media efforts, believing there is a magic secret is a seductive thought. If there were a social media silver bullet, we wouldn't have to test and try and examine and sometimes get things wrong. But the real secret of social media is that the method of "getting it right" varies from business to business. There are actually very few hard and fast rules for doing social media well. There are, however, several ways to turn a social media plan into a disaster. If you do want to get social media "right" here are some things not to do. Sell, Sell, Sell! I may not be the first to use the phrase, but I once wrote a blog post claiming that, if all you said was "sell, sell" your customers would soon be saying "bye- bye." Obviously, if you're creating business social media feeds, one of your primary goals is to make more sales and build your customer lists, and those aren't b y k r i s t i n e s h r e v e Social (Even though you're really trying) at Media How To... PW_MidMarch14.indd 16 2/28/14 1:03 PM

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