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20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 23 high-quality screens. Adhesive is applied to the frame with a spatula before the frame makes contact with the mesh. After the screen is in contact with the frame, the adhesive hardener is sprayed along the frame edge and the excess mesh, cut away. (Note: The pulling force caused by high- tension mesh can be so great that it can cause the sidebars of a frame to bow and bend inward. This is especially common with larger-format screens.) The tension meter is one of the most important tools in the stretching process. The tension meter utilizes a probe that comes in contact with the mesh surface. The measurement is based on how far the probe can deflect the mesh, and the tension reading is displayed with a mechanical dial indicator or by digital readout. Today, the unit of measurement that has become adopted is the Newton per centimeter. The definition of a Newton is: "One Newton is equal to the force producing an acceleration of one meter per second on a mass of one kilogram." An exposure calculator is a tool every screen print shop needs to have in order to determine the optimum exposure time for the emulsion, mesh and stencil materials being used in the shop. There are two main types of exposure calculators available; the step wedge and filter type exposure calculators. An exposure calculator is basically a test film positive composed of fine detail and bold print design elements that help determine (calculate) the optimal exposure time for the emulsion and mesh in question. With the step wedge exposure calculator, a screen is coated and dried. Next, the exposure calculator is taped to the contact side of the screen. The entire screen/positive is exposed for one minute. The screen employee then turns off the light source and slides a piece of poster board over most of the positive, leaving a 1"-section of the screen/positive showing. They expose this section for another minute, turn off the light source The day you take delivery of Vastex screen printing equipment you gain a competitive edge over screen printers using anything else—whether you are a high-volume commercial printer or a complete beginner. 25 YR WARRANTY 20 SECOND SET-UP 15 YR HEATER WARRANTY 15 YR HEATER WARRANTY 20 MINUTE DRYING Screen Printing Presses V-2000HD Industrial-Grade Presses range from 1 to 10 stations/colors, V-1000 Commercial-Grade Presses from 1 to 4 stations and 1 to 6 colors Infrared Conveyor Dryers D-100, DriBox, EconoRed and Big Red Dryers with belt widths of 18, 30 and 54 in. (45.7, 76.2 and 137.2 cm), and capacities from 110 to 950 pieces/hr/chamber Exposing Units E2-Series and EXPOS-IT Series in 21 x 24 in. (53 x 61 cm) up to 47 x 31 in (119 x 79 cm) in fluorescent and new LED models NEW LED LIGHTING Flash Cure Units F-Series, AirFlash Series and Red Flash Series in 16 x 16 in. (41 x 41 cm) up to 18 x 24 in. (46 x 61 cm) with 1625 to 3500 watts, and Auto- Flash head rotator Screen Drying Cabinets Dri-Vault™ Screen Drying Cabinets can dry 10, 20 or 24 screens in a temperature-controlled, filtered air environment, in as little as 20 minutes MADE IN USA VASTEX.COM 1-800-4-VASTEX SALES@VASTEX.COM MAKE THE MOST MONEY WITH THE MOST ACCURATE, DURABLE, TIME-SAVING EQUIPMENT MAKE THE MOST MONEY WITH THE MOST ACCURATE, DURABLE, TIME-SAVING EQUIPMENT Athletic Numbering Systems DiGiT™ Systems convert virtually any rear-clamp manual screen printing press into an athletic numbering press in 20 seconds BB-1232 Visit or call to learn how Vastex equipment can put the most profit in your pocket. PW_MidMarch14.indd 23 2/28/14 1:05 PM

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