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28 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 29 How To... Resize embRoideRy The original art, shown at top right, was designed to be stitched at this speciļ¬c size. The details are bal- anced and clean. Shrunken down to cap-size, shown below the original, we see how the design suffers from overly-dense straight stitch detail. Expanded to a large center-front, shown above, the details become too open. The eyes look snake-like, with too few stitches to form round irises, the belly button looks huge and pointed, and the details are sparse. This tiny seal, seen at its native size on the left, utilized straight-stitch lettering to maintain clarity and legibility with extremely limited real estate inside a logo. Scaled-up on the right, we see that a host of details were omitted and the overall impression is clumsy at best. This piece really can't be scaled up. PW_MidMarch14.indd 28 2/28/14 1:05 PM

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