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32 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 33 How To... A powerful way to elevate a design from ordinary to extraordinary and wow your clients, is to take charge of the type in your design and make it work with the graphics and content in an original way. To reach the next level in shirt design and make your artwork something that no other printer can easily duplicate, you can invent your own type styles. There is a simple process to modify existing fonts that you already have without going through the painstaking process of creating a whole new font. The key to quickly editing type that already has a style is to utilize consistent placement of vector graphic pieces inside a design program such as CorelDRAW or Illustrator. You can start with a font that has elements in it that you like, and then edit the shape of the letters to become exactly what you need for a design. In this manner, you can have the fastest results and see if the edits that you envisioned work with the type (or not). The speed element is important because editing type can take time. Being able to spend a little extra to test different looks can result in significant pay back due to the fact that your first effort might not be a perfect match. But know that over time, you will b y t h o m a s t r i m i n g h a m (Without a whole lot of effort!) Create from Scratch F on ts Figure 1 Font styles usually have a baseline, a character standard for the x-height, a meanline, and specific theme elements that define the style. The distances in the measurements of a type style need to be consistent. (all images courtesy the author) PW_MidMarch14.indd 32 2/28/14 1:07 PM

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