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78 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 79 9006FF Sun White HO/LB 9006FF Sun White is a high Opaque white with excellent coverage over dark garments. The creamy and bright ink is designed to be used as a highlight white and works excellent as an under-base white. Florida Flexible Print- ing Products Hialeah, FL (305) 512-2222 BEAN-e-doo Textile Screen Wash For more than 30 years, BEaN-e-doo has been the most friendly and effi- cient ink cleaners for our customers on the market today. Made from 100 percent american grown soybeans, BEaN-e-doo cleans screens quicker, easier, and without the hassle other harsh, even bio-solvent, cleaners re- quire. There are no offen- sive odors like traditional solvents, and the ink dissolves while scrubbing the screen. This one prod- uct gives screen cleaners everything they need in a textile ink-cleaner: clean- ing power, no harsh odors, and effectiveness. Only a quarter of an ounce is needed to clean a stan- dard size screen. Franmar Chemical Bloomington, IL (800) 538-5069 Challenger III D M&r offers the chal- lenger iii d automatic screen-printing press with dynamic Print- Stroke capability that provides programmable control over squeegee pressure, print/flood speed, print-stroke length, and print- carriage position and other print settings. The squeegee pressure setting can be varied be- tween print strokes for controlled ink deposit. These programmable parameters can be stored in M&r's Job re- call storage and retrieval system; stored jobs can be sent electronically to other challenger iii d machines, among an ar- ray of other features. M&R Companies Glen Ellyn, IL (800) 736-6431 D-1000 Compact Conveyor Dryer an all-new d-1000 compact infrared conveyor dryer from Vastex international cures 110-plus plastisol- printed garments or 50 discharge-printed garments per hour. With a 26" wide X 46" long conveyor belt. an available 10" front conveyor extension increases the standard infeed of 15" to 25". at 46" long and 32" wide overall, the unit fits on tabletops or on utility carts, is available with an optional mobile stand, and is suitable for mobile setups us- ing a small generator. Vastex International Inc Allentown, PA (800) 482-7839 Printing Services in a state-of-the-art factory with presses that have up to 26 sta- tions, including eight automatic presses, the company develops blanks and imports its own unique styles, in addition to developing compelling art, doing color separation, and using the best equip- ment in the U.S. The company screen prints large volumes of shirts and recently printed almost 50,000 impres- sions in 24 hours. Screenworks USA Inc Orlando, FL (888) 848-4342 Screen-Printing Equipment and Supplies PW_MidMarch14.indd 78 3/3/14 12:55 PM

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