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20 1 4 M i d - M a rc h Printwear | 81 80 | Printwear M i d - M a rc h 20 1 4 Lawson Mini-Trooper Automatic The Lawson Mini-Trooper automatic press is a modular, flex-head auto- matic with same station print-and-flash capabil- ity. This 'Mini' version of the Lawson Trooper is 8.5 feet across so it can fit in a small space. The Mini-Trooper ships fully as- sembled (4-color models). it has fully-automated print heads combined with an integrated manual carousel (the XL and Pc presses include automatic carousel) with roller bear- ing registration to ensure pinpoint registration and minimize the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. No spe- cial training is required. Lawson Screen & Digital Products St Louis, MO (314) 382-9300 Plastisol Ink ace Screen Supply of- fers Triangle ink Phoenix White, one of the best screen printable white inks on the market. it is completely opaque and durable with great washability. all colors in the ink line are just as printable. Ace Screen Supply Company Springfield, OH (800) 222-3468 www.AceScreenPrint. com Pocket Master Pocket Master is the original pocket and sleeve printing attach- ment. it offers quick indexing and multi-color capabilities. Stainless steel construction. Design Products Carrollton, TX (800) 369-9285 www.pocketmasterusa. com Vastex Screen Printing Equipment complementing a complete range of screen printing sup- plies, advanced Screen Technologies proudly represents Vastex international with the most advanced equip- ment line available. Advanced Screen Technologies Inc Tempe, AZ (877) 509-7600 www.advancedscreen- Screen-Printing Equipment and Supplies Jantex Discharge Base RB Jantex discharge Base rB is a system used for printing onto dark gar- ments. The Jantex dis- charge Base rB can be used "as is" to achieve a neutral ground color or concentrated pigments may be added to the discharge Base rB to replace the original gar- ment color in one print. Jantex discharge Base rB has a soft hand and is easy to print through a wide variety of mesh counts. it also incor- porates high quality binders (glue) for proper adhesion. Jantex Inks Pico Rivera, CA (562) 949-3900 www.inksandbeyond. com PW_MidMarch14.indd 80 3/3/14 12:54 PM

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