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YOU GUYS HAVE TURNED YOURSELVES INTO THE CURRENT MASTERS OF WHAT SOME PEOPLE CALL G HOUSE, WHAT WERE YOUR FAVOURITE ARTISTS WHEN YOU KIDS AND HOW DID YOU BOTH MEET AND BECOME AMINE EDGE & DANCE. AMINE EDGE: I was big big fan of Todd Terry, Masters At Work, Armand Van Helden, MURK all the american legend DJ's. DANCE: My fav artist is R.Kelly since I was 12 or 13. He's still my fav, I listen to him almost everyday. He's like my dad now. We met when we were 15. A friend of ours introduced us. YOU DID OVER 130 GIGS WORLDWIDE LAST YEAR, AND YOU HAVE 4 UK DATES COMING UP INCLUDING A COLLABORATION WITH MAGNA CARTA & FOUND AND AT WE ARE FSTVL,YOU MUST BE EXCITED TO BE BACK? AMINE EDGE: The UK is one of my places to party. I'm always fucking happy to come here, and seeing my baby CUFF so big, and selling out a parties in the UK so easily is incredible. Also playing in one of the most respected festivals in the UK like We Are FSTVL with our bro MK is amazing. DANCE: Yeah I'm very happy too. I love to play in the UK. It's my favourite country. They know their music and have good taste. YOU HAVE PORN BASS EP COMING OUT ON YOUR LABEL CUFF, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU FANS LOOK OUT FOR PRODUCTION WISE? AMINE EDGE & DANCE : We have many unknown and amazing producers coming soon. I can't wait to show them to people! Keep an eye, its all about TASTE. NAME ME 3 THINGS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT? AMINE EDGE: Internet, Music, Iphone. (I wanted to write girls but girls are not things!) DANCE: Music, Ableton Live, Whatsapp NAME ONE THING THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE IN THE WORLD. AMINE EDGE: Haters, Pollution, TV DANCE : Heavy Metal ON THE 10TH OF FEBRUARY YOU RELEASED AMINE EDGE & DANCE PRESENT CUFF VOL 1 (CUFF / IDOL), CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF THE COMPILATION? AMINE EDGE & DANCE : There is no concept really, we just didn't want to open our label with one EP, a compilation of 10 tracks from 10 artists is a better idea. We think and work differently to other labels! WHAT OTHER ARTISTS IN THE SCENE ARE YOU FEELING RIGHT NOW? AMINE EDGE: I can't talk about because its gonna be all the newcomers on CUFF bvut they are amazing! DANCE : I love what Justin Martin and Eats Everything do together. They know how to mix technik and originality. Otherwise I'm really happy for Shiba San who is #3 on Beatport today. He's a really good producer and also a good friend YOUR LAST 5 EPS HIT THE BEATPORT TOP 20, ARE YOU GUYS PUSHING TO CROSSOVER INTO MAINSTREAM OR JUST DOING YOUR THING AND WATCHING WHAT HAPPENS? AMINE EDGE: We're doing the music we love, if we dance, people will dance! DANCE: We don't really care about the charts. Of course it´s good to be always on top but we don't do music for this. We just make music we wanna listen to or play in club. AMINE, I HERE YOU DON'T DRINK OR TAKE DRUGS, YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE IS WOMEN. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR QUALITY OR ARE YOU SO HORNY IT DOESN'T MATTER AND GO FOR QUANTITY? AMINE EDGE: I prefer quality than quantity, If the girl is not my taste it doesn't happen. I can't fuck a goat... WHAT ABOUT YOU ABOUT YOU DANCE? DANCE: I don't take drugs too, but unfortunately I drink a lot... And I don't think I'm more horny than the next guy. We are all the same. I'm just single so I enjoy the life! IF YOU WERE BOTH BANISHED TO A DESERT ISLAND AND HAD TO TAKE 3 FAMOUS PEOPLE EACH (DEAD OR ALIVE) WHO WOULD THEY BE AND WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THEM? AMINE EDGE: Mila Kunis & Miranda Kerr cause I'm in love with them girls and Gordon Ramsay, cause I'm sure he can make some good food with anything we find on the island. DANCE : Rosario Dawson to have as a wife, Scarlett Johansson to be my mistress and my dad because I love him. The pioneers of what has been dubbed 'G House', we caught up with the duo who have just launched the CUFF label – and with a new EP hitting the streets shortly they've taken the London scene by storm, packing out underground parties with beats to keep you dancing for hours. INTERVIEW Joe | AMINE EDGE & DANCE " I can't fuck a goat... " 7 13 Issue 61 / 2014 HOUSE / TECHNO JOE LE GROOVE TOP 10 1. LoveHer - Circles - CDR 2. Dozeguise - Fresh Produce 3. Eric Volta - Blood Burgundy 4. Joe Le Groove & Mr Lefteye - Just Another Tour - CDR 5. Dexter Kane - Is it - Shadow Sanctuary 6. La Fleur - Kattflickan - Power Plant Records 7. Mass Prod - Search Like That - ReSolute Label 8. Nancy Whang & Audiojack - Like an Eagle - Gomma 9. Elon - From Brooklyn With Solace - ReSolute Label 10. Ejeca - Alone - Moda Black more@

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