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24 Issue 61 / 2014 DRUM & BASS / DUBSTEP HOW YOU FEELING? Good. I think it's been a successful night. I think we got 600 here. It's not bad at all. 700 capacity. I think it's a good result really. IT LOOKS LIKE A THOUSAND PEOPLE IN HERE. Yeah, I think it's a lot more basically. Between you and me at one point there was about 800 people I heard – when it was peak; so yeah, it's a really good look. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE THE BRAND EPITOMIZED IN AN EVENT? I dunno. I think it's a natural progression. It's like my brand is music related. So getting into events, that's like the next thing for me. I'm gonna do more parties, so it's just a natural thing really. Music related clothing is a good way of getting the brand out there to a wider audience in a big session. We wanna kind of keep doing parties underneath the jungle sporting brand, so that's the plan basically. WHAT'S THE ONES STORY FOR THE JUNGLIST MOVEMENT STORY THAT YOU REMEMBER THE MOST? There's been so many. As you know Osh I'm old school. I'm a veteran. I've been in this game for a long time. This is like my sixteenth year you know what I mean so, I mean starting it earlier on obviously. You know about getting the garms into Human Traffic. Everyone knows about that. That's what the brand are in. You know, in the early days I used to work around Dj Ron so I learnt a little about the jungle scene. I used to see a lot of artists come through coz I had a studio set up and I was working there so I got to meet loads of artists, and that's why this event is kind of part of that. I'd have to say the highest point wad hooking up with Ron in the early days and growing with this thing, coz if I hadn't had met him, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing in terms of the Junglist Movement. I think my highest point is tonight really. It's good to do an event. This is like my first proper one as a Junglist Movement brand so this is like my highpoint. It's one of the early days really. Hahaha! BIG UP DJ RON! Yeah Ron's a big influence. He's the one that really got me into the jungle scene in terms of music, so I have to pay my dues. YOU STILL GOT THAT VARIETY. YOU GOT A STEADY LINE-UP RIGHT HERE. Yeah man, definitely. YOU GOT THE JUNGLIST FAMILY HERE REPRESENTING. Definitely, the ambassadors you get me? The veterans; that's what I wanted to do with the whole Junglist Movement thing. It's about repping the originators. There's a thin line between jungle jump-up scene, but like the jungle scene, I think it's more like what I wanna do. It's more like the originators, not so much the jump-up. I respect dues to that; no disrespect to them but it's like that thin line so…but I wanna make sure it's like proper jungle from the early era, coz it's like…at the end of the day it's entertainment. We're educating people that weren't around for the early jungle scene. They're getting to hear it now and I basically feel like there's a gap in the market for promoting the early sounds, and you know the veterans, the Kenny Ken's your Micky Finn, all those guys. It's good to actually get them all together and celebrate that culture because there's definitely a gap in the market for that kind of, you know, parties. There's other parties but they're not as dedicated to the whole sort of original jungle sounds. AND IF YOU LOOK AT THE CROWED OUT THERE, THE CROWD IS POPPING OFF! For sure man and it's nice. It's really mixed as well. There's some uni kinfd of kids, there's mature junglist's in there, and a couple of new school people that are just getting into it. There's a couple of rock heads as well. It's kind of mixed up. It's nice. That's what I want really; it's a movement at the end of the day. It's about all of us uniting and enjoying that. That's what tonight's about really, coming together as one like the old days. (Emotionally) I'm getting all… (laughs) You know what I mean? I'm reminiscing all my hardcore times right now, you know what I mean? CAN YOU DO A LITTLE SHOUT-OUT FOR JUNGLIST MOVEMENT? Yeah, big up the Junglist Movement collective. Everyone in here is a Junglist so respect to everyone that's repping. There's a few heads around wearing the Junglist Movement t-shirt, which is nice. Some are busted…some are fresh… and there's a few people just rolling around the place. It's nice to have people representing the brand coz that's what it's about at the end of the day – so big up the entire Junglist Movement worldwide and the Aero- Soldiers. Big up Oshi, old school veteran of the scene, also known as MC Oteq, Donna Fam Collective, and you lot that know that! I'm just educating you. (At Oshi) This is my boy, my brother from another. We go way back. That's where it's at. Junglist Movement. com. Done! It's a wrap! INTERVIEW Oshi | The man behind the iconic JUNGLIST MOVEMENT brand and aerosoul clothing. Tells us more about the original aerosoul story and the journey towards this huge junglist movement event. " Between you and me at one point there was about 800 people I heard – when it was peak; so yeah, it's a really good look." Check out LEKE

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