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4 Issue 61 / 2014 GUESTLIST YOUTUBE CHANNEL "GUESTLIST" NEWS FLASH DRUM & BASS Suburban Bass is Back! The legendary rave label set up by Danny Donnelly is back. Up until now, releases from the label, closed down in 1997, only existed in vinyl format, but from February 23rd its catalogue has been re-mastered and can be bought from iTunes and extended to other digital music stores from March. INDIE A film by Goldfrapp "Tales of Us" is Goldfrapp's last record, but the duo used the same title for a film. It is 30 minutes long, and through 5 individual stories that also appear in the album it faces topics like love, identity, lost and madness. The film is out from the 4th of March! HOUSE House Music Bootlegs A number of well respected House artists have set-up a website called House Music Bootlegs, dedicated to finding new and undiscovered talent within the genre. The website allows users to upload their Soundcloud tracks and could very well unearth the next big thing in House. HIPHOP Chance and Gambino Team up. Breakthrough Rap artist Chance the Rapper recently teamed-up with actor turned rapper Childish Gambino in order to shoot a new music video for "The Worst Guys." The video can be watched via Youtube. Let us know what you think of this new duo! A homeless man in Hungary has recently won the lottery, but instead of running off and building a new life with the earnings, he has decided to do something good for his fellow men. Along with donating a huge sum to a homeless hostel, the man, Lázló Andrascheck, is spending the money to set up a foundations for addicts and women who have been abused. But of course no one can win the lottery and not help their family out, and so he's also paid off all their debts and bought a flat and a car for his children. Lázló was on his way to Budapest when he bought the ticket with his last few coins, not thinking for a second that it would be the winner. The timing couldn't have been better for him as last year the Hungarian government passed a law banning people from sleeping rough. HIT IT AND GIVE IT A homeless man in Hungary has recently won the lottery, and made the best out of his lucky shot. The Robbie Boyd Band Colours in Your Eyes Fashion blogger Pretty Sickly Interview See who has been dropping in with us! Public Service Broadcasting Interview WWW.GUESTLIST.NET/TV One of those bizarre laws that shouldn't need to exist, but now (luckily) it does. Babies born in the state of Sonora will no longer be able to be called names like Face- book and Circumcision. There are 61 names in all that have been banned by officials. The reason behind the ban is to reduce bullying, as having a name like Rambo may make you more likely to be bullied. As much as the ban is good news, it's quite sad to think that parents would put their children through the trauma of having a ridiculous name just for their own amusement. MEXICAN STATE BANS RIDIC- ULOUS BABY NAMES REGGAE "No prejudice" by Natural Black coming this spring. After four huge Reggae Anthems released in 2013, Natural Black is about to come out with a full album this spring. After admitting his concerns about the life he was living, the artist from Guyana is now trying to get back into a proper Rastafarian pattern. Back to his original roots! HOLLAND IS GOING GREEN Solar-panel skin could make Dutch homes energy neutral. A team of Delft University stu- dents have developed a con- cept for a solar-powered skin designed to optimize energy usage, while also preserving the classic Dutch architecture. The skin covers the exterior of the existing house from font to back, one side fitted with glass and photovoltaic panels to har- vest the energy from the sun, while the other contains added insulation to trap the heat in- doors. According to team, this concept demonstrates how al- most a million and a half simi- lar Dutch homes could become entirely energy neutral and still not loose their fascinating and inspiring shape. GOOD NEWS

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