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7 33 Issue 61 / 2014 REGGAE / DANCE HALL MR 2KAY, WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Port Harcourt, River State. Nigeria HOW'S GROWING UP OVER THERE? It's THE City, the biggest and richest city in Nigeria. Life there is not quite easy, but it's eeeasy. YOUR SINGLE HAS JUST BEEN RELEASED. CAN YOU EXPLAIN TO EVERYBODY WHAT THE HELL BUBUGAGA MEANS? It's simple. A Bubugaga is a curvy woman. A beautiful and curvilinear woman Moelogo: I think it's gonna get into the dictionary YOU DIDN'T HAVE AN EASY GROWING UP, RIGHT? Yeah, it wasn't easy for me to grow up with my single mom. She used to sell little things and sometimes I had to skip school and help her. And helping her meant that I had to go through some hard work, like carrying stuff on my head. But back then I started to sing to myself so that I didn't get stressed. Someone started to say I was good and my mom also encouraged me all the time. One day a took a piece of paper and a pen, and started to write my song. WHEN DID YOU REALIZE THAT WOULD HAD BEEN YOUR CAREER? When I went to a talent show. I got to final but I didn't win. In another competition I won because the crowd had to be judge, and who got the loudest reaction would had won. Those people never saw me around, but I did something great and they appreciated it. NOW MOELOGO, SINCE YOU ARE FROM PECKHAM, TALK ABOUT THE AFROBEAT SCENE OVER HERE! It's good, Man, It's growing. Everyone is trying to get into it and trying to make it big. Including me. So we need to get the best out of everyone. WHICH OF YOUR TRACKS PEOPLE LOOK FOR THE MOST? Probably the ones with Mista Silva, DRB Lasgidi and Stylo G. You can go check my EP on Soundcloud. IF YOU GUYS COULD TELL SOMETHING TO YOUNGER YOURSFELVES, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? Moelogo: Be true to yourself. Whatever you want to do in life, regardless of who is going to try to put you down, just keep going. When I was younger I wanted to fit in with other people, but if you wanna do something and you love it, you have to be true to that. Mr 2Kay: God first. You have to believe in God. And then... Work hard, and don't allow anyone to tell you that you can't do something just because you come from a specific place. It's not the places that make people, but the opposite. You have to believe in yourself and in ideas that are yours. Know what you want first, and then do what you want to do. As long as it's right, do the right thing at the right time. MR 2KAY, WHAT ARE YOU MOSTLY LOOKING FORWARD TO RIGHT NOW? I'm looking forward for Afrobeat to take over fully. Now and there, that's what I want to hear. I wanna be part of something that everybody that loves Afrobeat is going to support. Not just us that play music, but everybody. WICKED! THANKS FOR PASSING BY, GUYS! PEACE. Thank you! Make sure you get it! " I wanna be part of something that everybody that loves Afrobeat is going to support." Oshi | We caught up with Mr 2Kay ad Moelogo, who scored over 5 millions downloads and hundreds of thousands views on YouTube - without mentioning their first place in the Afrobeat top ten. We talked about their origins, their dreams and found out what the word Bubugaga means. MR 2KAY AND MOELOGO INTERVIEW Follow@mr_2kay and @moelogo

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