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5 WAYS TO SURVIVE THROUGH THE WEEK-LUNCH Having lunch at work, or at University, can turn into an ex- pensive and unhealthy habit. Here are some tips that wil help you enjoy your meals with no worries! More at 1. BRING LUNCH FROM HOME: No shit, Sherlock! Yeah, I know, it's not really a revolutionary advice, but if you start cooking the right food at home, then you might not even need to apply the other tips. And by 'right food' I mean healthy food that can also last in the fridge for a few days after it's been cooked. Let's say you prepare your dish on Sunday evening, like a big dish – a dish that could feed 5 people -. Once you are done, you can just divide it in portions and keep them for working days. Try different kinds of rice. It lasts long! 2. TRY DIFFERENT PLACES: If you don't feel like taking your lunch from home, since cooking for the day after can some- times be a real pain in the a**, try at least to var- iegate your diet. That fried chicken right across the street might be delicious, and cheap, but you can't just live out of it. You shouldn't eat at the same place for more than twice a week, and it would be even better if these 2 times weren't consecutive. 3. STAY LIGHT: Eating too much is tiring. You don't want to fall asleep on the desk, now, do you? Don't exagger- ate. A sandwich is enough, or just one portion of anything, but stop it there if you feel like you're getting too stuffed. And maybe keep the left- over for a later snack. 4. STAY INDIE: Eat at corporations only if you have coupons. Seriously, getting a Big Crap with plastic fries for more than 5 pounds is really not worth it. There- fore, if you really want to go with it, make sure that you don't have to pay more than 3 pounds. Which is, anyway, an amount that would cover many other solutions. 5. DON'T EAT BY YOUR- SELF: Having a meal shouldn't be about what you are eating, but who you are eating it with. Sit down with your co-workers or class-mates and enjoy a nice off-topic chat. It will be the best part of your day. 46 Issue 61 / 2014 FOOD

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