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7 7 Issue 61 / 2014 GUESTLIST IF YOU EVER MEET YOUR IDOL We asked our editorial staff who their biggest source of inspirations is. And what they would tell him if they met. Join the discussion on our website and on our social media platforms. James WHO IS YOUR SOURCE OF INSPIRATION? This changes pretty much weekly, but it's gotta be John Lennon. The most iconic, talented and easily the coolest Beatle, his im- pact and legacy on music just can't be matched. He was a literal genius who wrote some of my all-time favourite songs, and I'm just one of millions who fell in love with music because of him. WHAT WOULD YOU TELL HIM/HER IF YOU MET HIM? Obviously the odds of meeting him anytime soon aren't great, but I'd tell him how much his music has meant to me and the huge effect he's had on my life, from the way I think, behave and l style myself. Though I'd probably com- pletely lose my shit and pass out through sheer ex- citement. WHO WOULD YOU LOVE HIM/HER TO COLLABO- RATE WITH? Two names jump to mind – a Lennon and Kurt Cobain collaboration would be seriously cool, given their shared love for passion- ate, insightful songwriting. Then Thom Yorke would also be a great match – who I think of as Lennon's mod- ern day successor in terms of innovation and progres- sion. Neither Yorke nor Lennon ever do the same thing twice – and it makes their music all the more ex- citing for it. Mike WHO THEIR BIGGEST SOURCE OF INSPIRA- TION IS? Jack White. This is an in- novative artist who has conquered guitar mu- sic in almost every form; Southern American blues, psychedelic funk, alterna- tive indie rock, country folk, garage punk, etc. etc. etc. The multi-instru- mentalist has made music with his wife, his friends and his idols, succeed- ing every time with little effort and outstanding originality. He has written some of the most famous riffs of recent times and re-defined the potential of rock music time and time again. A modern hero. WHAT THEY WOULD TELL THEM IF THEY MET? "Thank you for not dying at the age of 27. Let's go get a whiskey, FRIEND." WHO WOULD YOU LOVE THEM TO COLLABO- RATE WITH? Ty Segall: a Californian multi-instrumentalist who deals in similar styles of garage rock and psyche- delic witchcraft, but still revels in a world of un- derground sweat and un- tamed raucousness. This combination would be hotter than Satan's lips. To listen to it would be to lick an atom bomb. Riccardo WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST SOURCE OF INSPIRA- TION? If I had to narrow the circle that represents my inspirational harem, Red Hot Chilli Peppers would be my final choice, and since we have to pick one single person, I'd select the band's frontman An- thony Kiedis. WHAT WOULD YOU TELL HIM IF YOU MET HIM? I would first clutch his leg hys- terically, asking someone to take a picture of the moment. Then I would stand up, look at him straight in the eyes and say: "You are a true artist. No, wait, more than an artist. You are a poet. And you figured out the right way to make the best out of your immense creative talent. You found the right people to reach success and glory with, and you used music as the perfect tool to express your sensibility". Then I would probably ask him if he misses his friend Hillel Slovak, or maybe not. It depends on how deep we get into the conversation. WHO WOULD YOU LOVE HIM TO COLLABORATE WITH? Of course not with Bruno Mars, like it happened in the last Superbowl. That came out pretty sadly. Anyway, I would actually like to see him acting in a film. A Wes Anderson's film. ANTHONY KEIDIS ANDY MURRY JHON LENNON JACK WHITE Nathan WHO IS YOUR BIGGEST SOURCE OF INSPIRA- TION? Andy Murray. Despite the amount of setbacks and heartbreaks Murray's ex- perienced throughout his career, he never stopped giving his all on the court – no matter the surface. His triumph at the London 2012 Olympics, US Open 2012 and then Wimbledon a year later shows that delay is not denial. Anyone can fail, but the true measure of a person is how he or she recovers from defeat. The road was tricky. Some wondered if he'd ever win a Grandslam, but the Scots- man can proudly say he's accomplished his goals. WHAT WOULD YOU TELL HIM IF YOU MET HIM? Firstly, I would shake his hand, and then congratu- late him for his achieve- ments. My hands will be- gin to tremble as I find the courage to reach into my pocket, bring out my phone and ask him for a photo. WHO WOULD YOU LOVE HIM/HER TO COLLABO- RATE WITH? Would love him to play a set against John McEnroe just to get a laugh out of hearing each other com- plain. I can picture it now… MCENROE, "It was on the line!" MURRAY, "No it fucking wasn't!"

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