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He started his musical journey when he was 14 by experimenting with synthesizers, learning and perfecting music production on FL- Studio and Logic. Layton quickly acquired the technical expertise and then settled into a heavy techno sound. He eventually turned to mixing and it wasn't long before he was getting booked to warm up gigs for a variety of big names in the techno scene. He subsequently advanced to rubbing shoulders with household names in the industry like Tony Rohr, who took him under his wing and helped mould Giordani into the talented artist he is today. At just 21 years old, he has already created a unique techno sound to call his own. It's a sound that the youngster has honed over the years and has lured in labels such as Phobiq, and Gate Null Recordings. We can surely expect bigger and better music from the New Yorker! In his latest remix of the track 'Zulu Congo Call', by FSQ (Funk Style Quality), Vanilla Ace combines the pure, funky sounds of the bongo drums with groovy sounding synths and bass, with a teasing guitar riff layered on top. This track is a must play for any DJ looking to get the crowd moving and feeling the funky vibes, look out for this in the summer, a perfect tune to play for those partying on the beach or by the pool. TRACK OF THE MONTH ZULU CONGO CALL ALBUM OF THE MONTH SCREAM 2 - MARKUS SCHULZ The London based producer/DJ Vanilla Ace's tracks are usually synonymous with the funk/disco side of the house genre, influenced further by the new jack swing of the 80's. OUR PLAYLIST Notorious B.I.G. Nasty Girl (Navy Shade Edit) PATRÌCE Smoke & Mirrors (SG Lewis Remix) Finder Ninetoes Broken Bells Holding on for life (Solomun Remix) Here's the house/techno on our playlist this month ARTIST OF THE MONTH ERIC VOLTA Scream 2 is another of those albums released in the past month which contains lively synth and thumping drums to create that "classic" trance sound which makes the listen- er want to jump up and down whilst punching the air under flashing lights, as their now-for- gotten drink vibrates across the dancefloor. Opening with 'Re- loaded' it begins quietly with horns and gentle piano notes before the synth takes over and hundreds of clubbers are in the air with drinks being forgotten about and the only important thing being the music. The next track is less lively and focuses more on the vocals pro- vided by Chris Madin. The famil- iar synth and drums return be- fore hiding away again to make space for Madin's vocals which are simply a repeat of what he was singing earlier. The following 15 tracks are all very similar, but still lively, loud and fun. The sort of music you want to listen to before a big night out. In the near future it's very likely that London's biggest clubs will be pumping out these tracks! Despite being a fan of trance and house for almost 15 years, Markus Schulz is an artist I've not previously had the plea- sure of listening to. Now however, I have. More @ 10 Issue 61 / 2014 HOUSE / TECHNO Layton Giordani is a New Yorker who dedicates his time to the techno world and has seen his profile skyrocket after years of hard work.

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