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rv-pro.com April 2014 • RV PRo • 15 14 • RV PRo • April 2014 rv-pro.com The Rebranding of Dicor TaigMarks Inc. may be the largest of a handful of agencies doing business in Elkhart, Ind., the RV capital. Majority owner Steve Taig has been in the busi- ness since 1981. About half of Taig's 12-person agency's annual revenues come from the RV industry. Its biggest RV client is Elkhart-based Dicor Corp. "ey brought us in initially four years ago to rebrand them and help upgrade the company image," recalls Steve Taig. "Everything they did (before TaigMarks) looked homemade. They wanted to upgrade the company and make it look more like the major player that it was." Taig relished the challenge. " We helped them to define their brands. at was a significant challenge to pull all into one identity. All their companies now have cohesive branding. at was probably the most important thing we did. It gave them structure and messaging direction. "We developed their website, which was pretty old school and difficult to navigate. is was fundamental because everybody goes there first. We also helped to upgrade what they do at (the National RV Trade Show in) Louisville, from the homegrown booth they had then, to the sophisticated booth they have now, at the same time making it clear that they're not just a distributor. "Beyond that, we have done some fairly extensive industry trade advertising for Dicor Corp. to build their brand; most of it is pretty institutional," Taig says. "We've also executed quite exten- sive consumer advertising for the Dicor Products brand to raise awareness and build on its roofing products category leadership. "For example, for the roofing products we have helped create a personality, Rudy the Roofing Expert, who has his own blog and videos and resource library. We have several hundred people on the mailing list for eBlasts. We put in useful information for consumers – not advertising – such as how to coat your roof, how to tell if you have water damage. "We also create their sales collateral materials and show materials. PR is a big part of what we do," he says. Dicor also signed on to sponsor one of the industry's few online weekly RV news programs. Huckabee Promotes the RV Industry Another agency serving the RV industry, Classic Communications Inc., based in Niles, Mich., stepped up during one of the industry's darkest hours. Agency owner Ron Barger was on a team of community leaders who played integral roles in bringing Fox TV's polit- ical talk show host Mike Huckabee and his much-needed "pep talk" to Elkhart in the spring of 2009. When President Obama visited the city on Feb. 9, 2009, (his first official visit out- side of Washington, D.C., since his inaugu- ration) and brought lots of media attention to the city's plight. Not all the attention was beneficial, however. Elkhart became known as the "epicenter of the recession" and media reports painted the community as dying. One of Barger's clients at the time, the Economic Development Corp. of Elkhart County (EDC), wanted to find a way to counter the bad press. Planners seized on the idea of luring Huckabee to the RV capital. "It was a real community team effort. We were one of many who helped bring the show to town," Barger recalls. "ere Classic Communication owner Ron Barger was part of a team of community leaders who played integral roles in bringing Fox TV's political talk show host Mike Huckabee and his much-needed "pep talk" to Elkhart in the spring of 2009, when the community was in the midst of the Great Recession. Former pro football quarterback Terry Bradshaw, shown here at the National RV Trade Show show, endorsed EverGreen RV in the company's formative years. EverGreen is a big client for Classic Communications. NewsMAKERS RVPApr.indd 14 3/19/14 3:13 PM

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