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rv-pro.com April 2014 • RV PRo • 25 24 • RV PRo • April 2014 rv-pro.com So, what processes in your parts depart- ment could benefit from a DWP? Oh, you already have your processes docu- mented. Great! How recently was each of them reviewed to determine if the any of the steps have changed due to internal or external factors? Some internal factors that could impact any of your processes could include: • New person is performing a specific procedure and has decided to modify it • Policy related to a process has changed, therefore requiring a revision to the DWP • e new DMS (dealership management system) requires the performance of a pro- cess in a different sequence Occasionally, external factors impact your processes and thus require modifica- tions to existing DWP or the development of a new DWP. Some of these external fac- tors might be: • e time of day that your freight carrier arrives might be sooner or later than previously experienced • e lead time for stock replenish- ment orders from one of your pri- mary suppliers has been increased • Your recent OSHA inspection iden- tified some aspects of your mate- rial handling/storage that aren't aligned with current requirements If you are uncertain of the processes that might be involved in operating an efficient, profitable parts department, I invite you to email me and request a free copy of my "List of Procedures & Policies." Speaking of processes, which of your procedures might be impacted by the second letter of our PREP acronym? Renovation As part of your preparations for the upcoming RV season, what plans do you have to change the look of your parts department, especially the retail point-of- purchase areas? At the minimum, I suggest that you consider a spring cleaning project. No, not just running a feather duster over the products in your display fixtures. Schedule a GI Party to spruce up your retail P.O.P. area. is could include: • Removing product from each fixture • Cleaning the fixture and all com- ponents (shelves, hooks, etc.) • Placing old product to the front and new product to the rear • Inserting new/updated product that you hadn't previously stocked • Replacing bulbs that have failed • Aligning the lighting fixtures to highlight the displays • Removing P.O.P. displays for product that you no longer carry, or that has been improved • Developing new signage to direct your customers to spe- cific areas of your retail floor • Discarding catalogs for non- current years of application • Painting walls, floors, and workstations as needed • Walking around and looking at the retail floor area from a customer's viewpoint OK, so that's the basic list. What about those major renovations that you have been considering for a few years? According to the January issue of RV PRO, most industry experts are predicting a solid 2014. Maybe it's time to implement one or more of those enhancements to your image. Perhaps you finally get rid of that 35-foot-long parts counter that separates your parts associates from your customers. Install workstations on casters that could be moved to different areas of your retail showroom; or, at the least, allow your parts associates to easily access the P.O.P. displays. Why not contact your supplier repre- sentatives and ask if they have any new P.O.P. displays for their products? Many, if not most, of these displays are free because the reps want to present their wares using attractive and current fixtures. Maybe you purchase that additional computer terminal so your parts associ- ates don't have to share, which could speed their transactions and increase your sales opportunities. Or, you might have decided to upgrade to the latest version of your DMS hardware and/or software. Quite a few options exist for the renovations aspect of your PREP plans. Do any of these enhancements to your physical plant involve the third letter of our PREP acronym? Education Who could be the intended recipients of the training? Obviously, some of your associates might qualify for it. Consider these scenarios. Perhaps as part of your renovation, you have decided to invest a substantial amount of your profits into an upgraded DMS. What features and processes are different from your previous system? Which of these features will directly impact your customers? When could this training be scheduled before going live so that you and your associates can learn about these different features and processes? Could at least one terminal be installed several weeks before the transition so that you and your associates could engage in hands-on practice sessions? As you can see, this education aspect of your PREParations could be very important to the successful transition to and integra- tion of this DMS. Or, suppose that you have decided to add a new line of towing equipment. What training and familiarization is nec- essary for your associates? Who should be educated about the features and benefits of this equipment? Everyone who would be involved in the sale, installation, and service of the equipment should receive proper training. This could be your major unit sales associates, your parts associates, your installation technicians, and your ser- vice technicians. Wow, this might take some substantial planning when coor- dinating this training to accommodate everyone's schedule. at's a lot of work. Yes, it could be. However, if you don't commit to scheduling this training then your investment in this new line of towing equipment might not pay off. Your customers might be reluctant to purchase it because your unit sales and RVPApr.indd 24 3/19/14 3:16 PM

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