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Cold-Hard Truth: Nordic Cooling Units' sterling reputation for low-cost quality wasn't built, it was "remanufactured." T he company is well known for its ability to take "old, worn out and broken" and transform it into "fully-functional, new and better than ever." Factor in the total profit for the repair shop when replacing just the cooling unit on an RV refrigerator and dealers actually make more money than when they replace the entire appliance. This profit has created unforeseen demand but sufficient supply wasn't keeping up. The Corning, Iowa-based company's main problem was "get- ting in enough cores" to remanufacture. This was especially true for one model in particular: Dometic's RM2652. "We've got to have cores to rebuild them in the first place," company owner John Hunter says. "Those cores don't seem to find their way back to be remanufactured. We can't find enough to fulfill all the orders we get." New to the Market Hunter decided it was time to take the next logical step, and leverage Nordic's expertise in remanufacturing old units into developing a new replacement cooling unit for the RM2652 − from scratch. Nordic was successful and now has "a new product," literally. According to Hunter, the company's new cooling units are in many cases better than the original part that came on the refrig- erator when it was installed by the RV manufacturer. "The new units are being made to very exact specifications with high-grade materials," Hunter says. "Our 'completely new' cooling units are built with the same high-grade materials that we use in our remanufacturing process. We have them in stock and immediately ready to ship. Repair shops can now have them with no delay. We have the inventory!" A New Choice of Helium or Hydrogen Nordic is also offering an option in the new cooling units unavail- able previously. The newly-built Nordic unit for the Dometic RM2652 has the option of coming with hydrogen or helium as the pressurization gas. Hunter says refrigerators that once used a hydrogen cooling unit can be fitted with a helium unit instead, as an added measure of safety. According to Hunter, Nordic's helium version works perfectly on the RM2652. "As long as a unit is functioning perfectly with no leaks, there is no danger," Hunter says. "But if there is a leak, hydrogen, which is the pressurization gas in most standard RV refrigerators, is flammable. Helium is not." Supply Meets Demand H 1 1.008 He 2 4.0026 RVP_NORD_1404A.indd 1 3/19/14 3:50 PM

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