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ance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. • Sponsor "Biggest Loser" contests to reward healthy lifestyles. • Appoint health coaches to help employees better manage chronic diseases such as diabetes. According to PricewaterhouseCoo- pers, as much as $493 billion of health care spending may be attributable to so- called manageable behaviors, including about $200 billion to deal with obesity and weight control and as much as $191 billion to cope with smoking. e benefits of carefully managing costs for both the employer and the employee are clear. A 2011 survey by Towers Watson found strong evidence of a link between highly effective health and productivity programs and better human capital and financial results, including higher workforce productivity and lower rates of work loss. Why is it the employer's concern? Each year, according to GE's internal calcula- tions, employees spend at least 2,000 hours at work, during which they eat about 400 meals or snacks and, if they smoke, con- sume about 50 packs of cigarettes. So, when employers think about helping their work- force to be as healthy as possible, they need to think about more than just discounted gym memberships. ey should consider creating a true culture of health. Additional Resources Implementing the ACA is a complex topic. Business leaders should thoroughly research the law and their options before making any decisions. This article isn't intended to provide legal or tax advice. Additional information is available from the following sources: • Treasury Department Fact Sheet www.treasury.gov/press-center/ press-releases/Documents/Fact%20 Sheet%20021014.pdf • I R S FAQ o n Em p l oye r Sh a re d Responsibility Final Regulations www. irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Questions- and-Answers-on-Employer-Shared- Responsibility-Provisions-Under-the- Affordable-Care-Act Across 1. eir super combo washers and driers can be used both in RVs and apartments 5. Main type of products supplied to the RV industry by Parallax 8. Big coffee holder 10. Tent holders 11. Jacket feature 12. ____belly, the RV's underfloor surface 13. State where Mount St. Helens is 15. Brands 17. Unwanted smell in campground water sometimes 19. "___ questions?" 22. Sure! 23. Place on the ground 25. Wheel puncture while an RV is in motion (2 words) 27. Coast Guard rank: Abbr. 28. Leader in aftermarket RV parts and accessories distribution in North America (goes with 1 down) 29. President of 28 across, Martin ____ 31. Strives 33. Managed 34. Company that offers the Speedy Wash line of power washers 36. Company providing roadside assistance to RVers, ____-Net 37. Company top dog 38. BrakeBuddy brake controller model 41. Vehicle that can haul 43. "Let it __": Beatles advice 45. Brake ___ 46. Company that makes filtration systems for the RV market Down 1. See 28 across 2. Keystone Automotive is the parent company of this large RV parts distributor 3. Manufacture 4. Largest single-site RV dealership in the world, whose slogan is "e RV Authority" 5. Reputation 6. Responsibility 7. Shut down 8. Higher 9. Credit, abbr. 14. Chemical suffix 16. Grease 18. Switched the tires 20. Florida company offering Odorlos, an environmentally friendly RV holding tank treatment 21. Written agreement 24. Well overdue for an update 26. Recommended annual event for customers (2 words) 28. Type of sandwich 30. Dale Earnhart, for one 31. Before noon 32. Event controller 35. Prevailing style 36. Appliance that does more than one function 38. Saturate 39. Musical scale note 40. Concealed 42. Copper-zinc alloy that fights bacteria and removes hydrogen sulfide 44. ___ Capitan Sponsored by WIN A FREE WASHER/DRYER VALUED AT $ 1,500 To Enter: email your Name, Address and Phone Number to drawing@pinnaclecombos.com. Employees of Pinnacle and RV PRO Magazine/National Business Media are not eligible for contest. Drawing will be held on April 16, 2014. Answers on pg. 96 C e l e b r a t i n g 1 0 0 y e a r s o f C r o s s w o r d P u z z l e s P I N N A C L E rv-pro.com April 2014 • RV PRo • 69 RVPApr.indd 69 3/19/14 2:23 PM

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