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rv-pro.com April 2014 • RV PRo • 83 While the service bay plays a significant role in improving an auto dealer's revenue, the F&I office has grown in its importance. As a point of reference, aftermarket offer- ings can account for up to 50 percent of automotive dealer's revenues. Of course, we in the RV industry face different challenges than our counterparts in the automotive industry. One of the largest differences is pure volume. While an average of 200,000 automobiles are sold in a week, the RV industry sells slightly more than 300,000 units in a year. Another significant difference is the rela- tively flat sales volume that occurs each and every month for the auto industry, while those of us in the RV industry have to plan for and adjust for the seasonality of our business. In other words, we need to make hay while the sun is shining. As veterans of the RV industry know all too well, the industry underwent a major contraction – particularly in motorized sales – around 2008-2009 as the economy tightened. ankfully, there's been a sig- nificant rebound in overall industry sales figures, with new RV sales reaching some of their highest numbers last year, with a projected increase again for 2014. But have we learned from the past? Have we considered how we can shore up our industry and dealerships against the known and unknown factors? The industry can change, and more budget-conscious consumers seeking RVs at lower price points could once again be the new norm faced by the typical dealer. We already know that some dealers have moved completely away from motorized units, even as sales in that segment make a comeback. In light of this reality, it's imperative for dealers not to leave any money on the table, and to do all they can to deliver valu- Reach moRe RV Pros! www.rv-pro.com For Advertising Reservations Contact: Chris Cieto Sales Executive (800) 669-0424 x 253 ccieto@nbm.com RVPApr.indd 83 3/19/14 2:33 PM

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