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May '14

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66 • A&E MAy 2014 CAvE Furnishings We have spoken many times about this highly versatile product; ChromaLuxe panels make for excellent signage or picture hanging. Placing any type of high-resolution photo will always lead to a conversation piece not only about the photo's place in time but the photo quality on the metal. A new product offering from Unisub is a table top. These table tops come in two different sizes as well as both square and round shapes. The table tops are sold fully sublimatable, and then you order the stand separate. Whether you want the standard table-top height or even the high-top bar style with the foot rest, these tables are an excellent option for your rec room; you can put together a photo-collage image of your favorite team or decorate it with a game board like checkers or chess. These tables are very easy to produce and are sure to be a hit with any visitors you may have. Another excellent product that we have spoken about recently is a series of gal- lery wraps to hang in a rec room. The gallery wraps produce excellent quality that gives the impression of a professional-style product at a portion of the cost. You see more and more of them with images of a favorite stadium, arena or even a favorite antique car. Offering the new wrap to customers will give you the opportunity to break into that market with a product that is certainly going to give you a leg up on the competition. A new spin on an old product would be with a Signs of Life panel, also by Unisub. These panels come in a few different shapes: a traditional sign, an antique sign and a dis- play sign; all work very well with any kind of room signage. Since the signs are made of hardboard, they are very easily sublimated and create that old-time pub look that many people love. Another cost-effective product offering that can be easily produced and that offers a high profit margin is custom drink coasters. These come in a variety of sizes and styles and make for excellent gifts. Sublimating the coasters with a fun image or maybe a family crest would create a lot of conversa- W hen starting a sublimation business, choosing what different products to offer is a huge task. Most of the customers that we speak with who are just starting their business have such a difficult time with this concept. It is very overwhelming with all the dif- ferent product options available as well as the fact that there is more and more coming out all the time. With that being said, in this month's article we will talk about different product ideas for a rec room, or a man cave as they are affectionately known. Hopefully you can gather a few ideas from it or at least use it as a great jumping-off point for your own ideas! Man Cave By Kevin Lumberg & TJ Kvilhaug subliMAtion QuiCk stop The new sublimatable table top from Unisub comes in two different sizes as well as circle or square shaped. AEMay.indd 66 3/31/14 3:21 PM

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