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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 21 "We're also excited to release our car- bon fiber line of driveshafts this spring," he adds. "We are doing complete in-house filament-wound driveshafts designed ini- tially for the dirt late-model market. This means that instead of buying bulk carbon tubing, we can hand-select the fibers and resins to achieve our performance goals. It also allows us the freedom to change the pitch and layer the carbon with specific needs in mind." Rod End Supply also has a new offer- ing, says Bob Douglas, president. "Our XM series has an injection- molded red NylaFiber race that does not require lubrication or cleaning," he says. "It doesn't get loose like metal-to-metal or the Teflon-lined rod ends." Chris Douglas, vice president of mar- keting at COMP Performance Group, notes that the latest hot product often depends on the series you're talking about, be it asphalt or dirt. "With our Quarter Master brand, bell- housing kits for use with direct-drive (Bert & Brinn) transmissions continue to be a fast-growing product segment," he says. "For COMP Cams, we have a host of evolutionary technol- ogy advancements, like the new Sportsman solid roller lifters that deliver features previously only available in exotic high-end roller lift- ers at an affordable price. COMP also introduced conical valve springs that are a significant upgrade for many economy racing classes that have strict valve train specifications (lift rules, etc.). "Meanwhile, Driven Racing Oil has a new fuel additive that prevents corrosion that is extremely common with today's oxygenated and ethanol- based race fuels. Developed with top carb builders, this product passes all the normal tech checks because it does not affect performance." From under the hood to inside the cock- pit, Patrick Utt, president of RaceQuip, says the company's new SportMod helmet is already exceeding sales expectations. "The SportMod has all the standard features required by the current Snell SA-2010 specification, yet costs the racer less than $180," he says. "The popularity of this item reinforces the fact that racers are looking for value in their purchases, now more than ever." And technological advancements are always popular, as racers seek any type of performance edge. "Jones Racing Products' PS-9008- AL-AR power steering pump with an inte- grated fluid reservoir featuring numer- ous options for the return line has been a top seller," says CJ Jones, president. "Customers who are updating cars and building new can reduce costs by eliminat- ing hoses and fittings normally used when plumbing to a remote tank. Customers may choose from high or low along with a 90-degree, 45-degree or a straight fitting, whichever suits their needs. Each pump, tagged by a serial number and archived at the Jones Racing Products facility, under- goes complete testing on an in-house, Race Ready By John Carollo Local retailers should visit their local tracks on a regular basis to meet competitors and stay informed. (Photo courtesy Rod End Supply) Having products on the shelf can lead to immediate walk-in sales. (Photo courtesy Rod End Supply) PHBMAY.indd 21 4/2/14 11:43 AM

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