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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 25 rules package was adopted across the coun- try and for the most part, made it where racers could be legal to race at any track across the country." Rod End's Douglas believes that shops serving circle-trackers need to be as edu- cated as possible. "Reach out to the tracks and sanction- ing bodies in your area," he recommends. "Find out specific rules and regulations that require the racer to buy a certain type of product. Make sure you have those products on your shelf and let the local tracks and sanctioning bodies know that you have them available to the racer." And Jones of Jones Racing explains how collaborations can push the industry, and products, forward. "In 2010, we teamed up with the leg- endary CJ Rayburn to help develop a 1020- LS kit, which was designed to meet the needs of racers campaigning Chevrolet's new CT 525 crate engine," he says. "Right out of the box, we had great success with this kit and we have not turned back." Shop Talk Back at the shop, owners should be forming a plan to take advantage of all that the circle track market has to offer. "Shops need to be stocked up before the preseason rush, need to have adequate replacement parts, and be a little bit flex- ible when it comes to special requests," Fegers recommends. Jones agrees. "It is extremely important to keep inventory on hand in order for the dealers to meet their customers' needs," he says. "When racers are looking for parts, they are more likely to buy them on site rather than to wait for a shipment to arrive. Most racers are competing every weekend, giv- ing them only a few days to obtain the needed products, install them and be ready to go back to racing. Retailers who have product in stock have a sales advantage." He also wants performance businesses to know that they aren't alone. "It's imperative that dealers have a one- on-one relationship with the company whose products they are selling. Attending industry trade shows offers a great oppor- tunity for the dealer to see the complete

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