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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 33 More Work in Progress On the hardware side of things, NASCAR is always making changes to the cars to make them more competitive. It's a top priority, right after safety. The changes in today's cars started years ago, such as going to unleaded fuel and the use of fuel injection to get fans to relate to the very cars they drive to the tracks. Initially, NASCAR's biggest and best change in cars also had a downside. The COT was good for safety, but not for fan association. And the manufacturers didn't care too much for cars that looked so similar. In 2011, NASCAR announced there would be a new car coming out in 2013. The manufacturers had more input into how it related to the very cars they were selling as well as how it performed. The fans would receive the benefit of seeing cars that looked a lot more like what they had in their driveways out on the track. When the new cars came out last year they were referred to as the Gen 6 models and NASCAR used them to add to the com- petition package for better racing. With the COT, there were problems in cars run- ning side-by-side and passing due to the aero elements of the body. The Gen 6 car has reduced that, making racing closer and more competitive, and officials are still looking for more improvement. It's all a work in progress, like any good improvement program. NASCAR continu- ally works on getting a more competitive car that answers many of the related prob- lems of selling tickets, TV viewership and bringing new people into racing in both race teams and corporate partners. So, the other lesson is to look closely at the symptoms, see where they affect all areas and create answers to address them. That always gets a winner to the front of the pack. Among the changes NASCAR has made this year is in regard to qualifying procedures, with designs of bringing more fans to the track outside of the traditional race day. 1-866-DYNOMITe or High-End "Pro Chassis Systems" (to 4,000+ HP) Overdriven Eddy-Current Absorbers Traction-Grooved Rolls (8 " - 60") ½ High-Quality Road-Load Simulation DYNOmite Dynamometer Electronics Incredible Depth of Advance Features DYNO-MAX "Pro" 2010 Software PHBMAY.indd 33 4/2/14 11:24 AM

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