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36 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 PERFORMANCE Tires are engineered to run on the nearly-flat earth. At over 500 million inches in diameter, the earth's radius dwarfs that of any chassis dynamometer roll. Running a tire on a roll decreases the contact patch (traction) area while simultaneously deforming the tire's shape. Worse still, the location of this added deformation works its way around the entire tire with each revolution. That continuous flexing and un-flexing cycle generates heat (energy) within the tire, which means it is absorbing power from the engine. This is power that will never be delivered into the dyno for measurement. Its best features include … …support on the dynamometer sys- tem. We strive to help our customers understand how to fully utilize their dyna- mometer for making the most power and torque out of their test engine/vehicle. We have a different perspective here: "Price, Performance, Support, Support, Support." An unexpected benefit for shops offering dyno testing services is … …with a DYNOmite Dynamometer, they have a system that can do some seri- ous testing without having to spend serious amounts of money. We can custom-tailor a system/package for someone who could not normally afford to buy a dynamom- eter. If a customer has the capability to fabricate their own frame, then we will work with them. Also, all of our DYNOmite dynamom- eters are modular. Therefore, our custom- ers can optionally upgrade their antiquated dynamometer without having to throw out their initial investment. SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches Des Moines, Iowa Mike Giles Marketing Manager Our most popular dynamometer prod- uct is … …all of them. A lot of people don't real- ize that SuperFlow makes dynamometers Some manufacturers believe large-diameter systems such as Land & Sea's 44-inch AWD chassis dynamom- eter offer improved testing consistency. (Photo cour- tesy Land & Sea Inc./DYNOmite Dynamometers) (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches) (Photos courtesy Dynocom Industries) PHBMAY.indd 36 4/2/14 11:26 AM

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