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38 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 PERFORMANCE for the entire drivetrain including chas- sis dynos, engine dynos and transmission dynos, and that works throughout all levels of the industry, from OEMs to the aftermarket. This gives us an incredible amount of overall testing knowledge to develop dynos that provide extremely high-end features at a price point available to the mass market. Our most popular products right now would be either the SF-902S engine dyna- mometer or the SF-880E chassis dyno. The SF-902S is popular because it offers value. You simply cannot find another water brake dynamometer that is trusted daily by (NASCAR) Cup series engine builders at a price that everyone else can afford. The SF-880E chassis dyno is popular because of its true mechanical roll synchro- nization and versatile wheelbase accom- modations. It's trusted by the best tuners in Europe for many reasons, but mainly because it produces accurate and repeat- able results, it offers true mechanical roll synchronization, it includes our WinDyn software and data acquisition system, and it's a high-quality piece of equipment that's built to last. Its best features include … …no matter what SuperFlow dyna- mometer you purchase, the best feature is always the WinDyn data acquisition system. WinDyn provides unmatched features for data capture and analysis, it is fully customizable for engineering-level users to define every detail of their tests, and it can be completely automated for ease of use. It is future-expandable so the base hard- ware you get on day one can be expanded should testing needs change or grow, plus we talk directly to aftermarket ECU manu- facturers to share data in both directions between the ECU and WinDyn. We are currently releasing a new inte- gration with AEM Electronics to share data between our dynamometers and their four-channel air/fuel controller and within weeks also their Infinity ECU via one of three CAN networks included in our data acquisition system. Properly calibrated dynos ensure testing accuracy. (Photo courtesy Stuska Dynamometers (Photo courtesy SuperFlow Dynamometers & Flowbenches) PHBMAY.indd 38 4/2/14 11:26 AM

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