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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 41 …our Dynotech 2WD dynamometer. Its best features include … …the price! Our team worked tire- lessly to create an affordable dyno option that maintained the integrity of our Dyno Dynamics digital dynamometers, but for a fraction of the cost. The software has been designed so it is easy to use without the need for days of training. The 2WD Dynotech dyno can also be made into a portable machine, so you can store it under a bench in your workshop or take it out for dyno days. For shops looking to add the service, the biggest misconception surrounding dynos is … …that they are purely a performance tool. Dynamometers are the most efficient tool for diagnosing and tuning vehicles. With the technology advances in the automotive industry, general mechan- ics will need to be able to keep up with the changes in domestic and commercial vehicles. With a dyno, you can detect problems that may not be showing up on a handheld scan tool. It also eliminates the need to road-test customers' vehicles, which means that your staff will spend less time out on the road. Dynos help improve a shop's bottom line by … …a dyno will increase your compa- ny's revenue by giving you extra servic- ing options. With the early detection of defects, you can utilize staff hours more efficiently, with the ability to work on more vehicles each day. It will improve customer satisfaction, as they know they are getting a thorough service. As there is no longer a need for frequent road testing, your insurance pre- miums will drop. An unexpected benefit for shops offering dyno testing services is … …with a dyno you can identify addi- tional work. It will open you up to a broader clientele and expand the range of vehicles you can service. FUELING THAT FITS. 1.800.419.6023 INTRODUCING THE DW DIFFERENCE • 8 sizes from 35-95 lb • EVERY set matched & balanced and includes a calibration summary • EVERY set features the latest Bosch EV14 injector with a 3-year warranty Available for most late model Mustangs, Corvettes, Camaros, and other popular applications D E A T S C H W E R K S VDO - A Trademark of the Continental Corporation Revolutionary. Evolutionary. VDO. Everything they need for their ride, we've perfected, revolutionized and perfected again. VDO Speedometers deliver 1-button auto calibration, a user-defined speed warning indicator and LCD display with odometer. Hook them up to the new VDO GPS Speed Sender and you get incredibly accurate speed readout with no calibration required. The VDO GPS sender's small size allows a variety of easy mounting options including the back of the speedo. Go with the technology leader. Go with VDO. For more information, e-mail: See the complete line at: CO1837_Perf_and_HotRodBus_Speedos_and_Sender_thirdSQ_5-14_V1.1.indd 1 3/14/14 11:47 AM PHBMAY.indd 41 4/2/14 11:28 AM

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