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PERFORMANCE out promotional coupons at events didn't produce the type of results the company was looking for. A deeper look at the client base the shop wanted to serve showed a need to connect on a more personal level. "Our customers are people who are enthusiastic, and who really want to build something nice," Fresh explains. So, the shop's marketing tactics were revamped to attract these more discern- ing—and loyal—customers. "We're mostly word-of-mouth now. We don't do a lot of advertising," Fresh says. Being partnered with the Jeep store also brings customers in the door, and not just because the location is nearby. The dealer- ship's sales staff help by pointing enthusi- asts in the right direction. "Part of the buying process is to men- tion to customers, 'By the way, if you want to accessorize your vehicle, we do have OC Motorsports down the street,'" Fresh says. Add in a tempting financial incentive— the cost of many OC Motorsports-installed accessories can be rolled right into the customer's financing—and the decision to upgrade equipment or buy some extra toys becomes another advantage the shop can offer customers. 44 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 The shop has found its niche in a 7,000-square-foot space shared with a dealership, with plans to open two satellite locations by summer. OC Motorsports' target clientele are enthusiasts "who want to build something nice." PHBMAY.indd 44 4/2/14 11:30 AM

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