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PERFORMANCE Streamlined Operations The accessory center now has eight employees, split between technicians in the shop and those working the counter. OC Motorsports is able to share much of the back-office staff with the dealership side of the house, but finding and retain- ing good employees in the shop has been a challenge. "It's really difficult to find good techs," Fresh says. "Right now I've got three really key guys who know what they're doing and have been doing it for years." The focus and knowledge requirements of the dealership technicians are very dif- ferent from what OC Motorsports needs. Ensuring the team has the skills required to tackle complex aftermarket projects means taking a task-specific approach. "Part of our process is training them here at our store," Fresh says. Technicians must have a detailed understanding of how equipment behaves during off-road excursions, how parts need to fit to minimize wear, and what sort of travel the various pieces require for proper and safe operation. "We've trained our guys to go a little bit beyond just your normal bolt-on kits. They have to make sure everything is going to clear, that we get the most amount of droop on the suspension, and that it's going to work correctly," Fresh says. Because the shop is constantly busy, he is always looking for good technicians with talent, but says finding them continues to be a challenge. Aside from dedicated technicians, OC Motorsports also has its own parts coun- terperson and maintains its own inventory. Through the years, the company has fine- tuned which parts need to be readily avail- able and which aren't as popular. "We've streamlined it down, so once we see a part move three times—for example, if we move three 50-inch light bar sets—now we know we're going to be moving a lot of those, so we'll stock them," he explains. Conversely, if a stocked part sits on the shelf for six months, it's phased out and removed from the automatic reorder list. "We really watch what moves and what doesn't." 46 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 OC's eight employees tackle projects ranging from typical daily drivers with a 2.5-inch lift, wheels and tires, to off-road beasts with 4-inch kits, 40-inch tires and V-8 conversions. Stocked parts are closely monitored to keep overhead low. PHBMAY.indd 46 4/2/14 11:32 AM

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