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50 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 PERFORMANCE tion and serve the people who helped make you a success, while still continu- ing to reach for that next level. Bigger isn't always better. Systems that work for a small company can break down when you become an industry leader. We have to constantly look at our inter- nal procedures and staff assignments. We need to keep the ball rolling smoothly, and serve customers at the highest level possible. PHB: How do you see the current state of the performance aftermarket? GF: If our growth is any measure, things are looking great in the aftermarket. Even though the economy has been shaky over the past few years, I think the result has been somewhat positive. When times are lean, customers are more careful with their buying decisions and the companies that don't earn those customers' loyalty, trust and respect get weeded out. What has resulted from this trend is that the great companies have weathered the storm and gotten stronger, while the ones that were always operating on shaky ground have closed up and moved on. A American Powertrain is bringing power steering out of the Stone Age with electric power steering columns for American muscle, rod and Euro sports cars including this one for first-gen F-bodies that can be installed in about four hours with no pump, fluid, belts or hoses. More than 150 models are already available. The company is constantly introducing new products, and has experienced impressive growth over the past few years. Like many of American Powertrain's parts, this X-Factor alumi- num crossmember for first-gen F-bodies fits not only its 5- and 6-speeds, but most automatics and 4-speeds as well. PHBMAY.indd 50 4/2/14 11:44 AM

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