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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 51 strong core of stable, innovative and trustworthy companies has survived and both the aftermarket and the consumer are better off as a result. PHB: Where do you think the performance industry will be in 10 years? GF: I am happy to say that I see more and more young people roaming around at car shows each year, and the love for American iron is being passed along to new generations. As long as that appreciation stays strong, I see nothing but upside for the industry. I have also noticed that a lot of the purists have softened their stance in the face of better and better bolt-in technology. With better transmissions, brakes, suspensions and engines, the industry is quickly moving to nearly universal acceptance of cars that look nostalgic but run and drive like modern cars. For us and many companies like us, the acceptance of retro-fitting modern technol- ogy represents a business boom and companies who look forward will be the winners. PHB: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? GF: I received my first patent for our unique hydraulic clutch master cylinder mount, which we call HYDRAMAX. It has several patented features that almost a century of automotive designers never thought of. It is incredibly rewarding to join the remarkable list of thinkers and innovators who have made the automotive world possible. PHB: What's your next big goal to achieve? GF: We have just introduced a comprehensive line of electric power steering columns to the market. I look forward to helping the industry adopt this incredible technology that puts power steering in a manual steering car in about four hours with no leaks, no squeaks and none of the vague feel or cavitation of hydraulic power steering. The systems are well worth every dollar, but educating folks on why this breakthrough technology is becoming the standard of the world in OE (and can be awesome in a classic build) is an uphill battle we look forward to engaging in. If we do our job right, in the next few years the automotive aftermarket will wonder how it ever lived without electric power steering. PHB: Gray, it's been great talking to you. As a final question, what's your advice for speed shops seeking long-term success in the performance aftermarket? GF: Everything you produce, sell and install is a reflection of someone's automotive dream. What you hold in your hand is not just a clutch, a brake caliper or a gallon of clear coat. Rather, it is the fulfillment of someone's deepest wishes to create and drive something special; something unique and wonderful. What we do in this industry does not save lives. People love this market because it enriches their lives, heals their souls and brings wide smiles and giddy laughter to people young and old. You are lucky to be part of the most amazing industry on earth. If you help make your customers' automotive dreams come true, they will continue to grace your doorstep. PHBMAY.indd 51 4/2/14 1:53 PM

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