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HOTROD possible to fit real subwoofer systems and high-performance speakers in a manner that complements the theme of the car." JL Audio's TW3 "thin-line subwoofers create awesome bass where mounting depth is limited," he says, and are available in 10- and 12-inch diameters. Also of interest are JL's C3 "convertible" speakers with polymer woofers and silk-dome tweeters that can be mounted either coaxially or separately, as the application demands. Selecting A System We asked all of our experts whether they would recommend different systems for ve- hicles of different sizes and/or different inte- rior environments—citing such examples as the tight, open cockpit of a prewar roadster vs. the somewhat larger but enclosed cab of a vintage pickup vs. the relatively large inte- rior space of a sedan-sized muscle car. "A smaller airspace is easier to fill with sound," answers Jobin, "but then it's more difficult to find room for all of the equip- ment. In a coupe or pickup cab, one set of speakers in the kick panels should be enough. The subwoofer(s) can go under or behind the seat, depending on where the gas tank and other necessities are. "Larger sedans benefit from having speakers on all four corners, e.g. in the kick panels and on the parcel shelf," he continues. "As in a public address system, the more speakers there are, the less strain there is on any one pair. And in a sedan the subwoofers can be fitted into the trunk without much trouble." But Brown cites different priorities. "The first order of business is to deter- mine what type of performance the cus- tomer is after," he says. "The entry level is a basic 'deck and four' system, with a head unit driving four speakers from its internal amplifier. This is a good basic setup that will deliver decent sound quality after a relatively easy installation. "From there the first obvious upgrade is to a subwoofer with its own amplifier, which adds greatly to the 'feel' of the mu- sic," he continues. "Fortunately, the mar- ket now offers a great many compact sub- woofers that don't take up the whole trunk, as in years past. To save space in a small Left: KICKER's PXiBT50.2 media device controller with Bluetooth allows the media device to be the source/head unit, keeping the dash clean; mu- sic can be played from a smart- phone or other device. (Courtesy KICKER / Stillwater Designs) Below: The Blukit adapter is a Bluetooth wireless interface for Custom Autosound's vintage- look USA-66 and USA-630 radios. It enables hands-free call- ing and also plays music stored on an A2DP-enabled Bluetooth device. (Courtesy Custom Autosound) New-generation, high-efficiency amplifiers, such as JL Audio's XD model, are small but powerful, fit in tight spaces, and generate less heat than a conventional amplifier. (Courtesy JL Audio) AUDIO SOLUTIONS 60 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 and check o u t t hi s free servic e ... Don't miss another sale. Sell Covercraft Products online, Seamlessly! CartLink™, powered by Covercraft Industries, Inc., is a seamless way for you to allow your web customers to look up any of Covercraft's vehicle-specifi c products and add them to their shopping cart without leaving your website. WORLD'S BEST CUSTOM CAR COVERS ® k o u t t hi s free serv rv r ic e ... Choose from 14 High-Performance Fabrics also: • SeatSaver™ • UVS SunShades • DashMat ® • Premier™ FloorMats • LeBra ® • Colgan ® Car Bra ...and much more • We maintain your data so you always have the most up-to-date application information. • Seamless so your customer can get their pattern information and then add it to their shopping cart. Visit: for more information and check out this free service... email: • • 1-800-4-COVERS (426-8377) PHBMAYp58-91.indd 60 4/2/14 12:06 PM

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