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64 n Performance & Hotrod Business n May 2014 HOTROD AUDIO SOLUTIONS Good Vibrations HushMat Ultra is an extremely flexible, aluminum foil-backed, compounded butyl rubber material that molds to a vehicle's contours. A HushMat Ultra Speaker Kit serves as a gasket between the metal of the speaker and the metal of the door. P rotecting and enhancing the quality of a top-shelf car audio system requires nothing less than managing the vibrations inside the car. "Most people don't realize when driving on the highway there are over 80 decibels of noise inside their vehicle," says Tim McCarthy of Olathe, Kan.-based HushMat ( "Eighty decibels is the sound of your vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal." And that sound level is even higher in most hot rods. "What would someone say to you if you told them before they drove their highboy they had to place a vacuum cleaner running on the pas- senger seat before they started?" To drown out the noise, people crank up the volume of their stereo while cruis- ing down the freeway, then crank it back down when they exit. McCarthy says a better solution is to install automotive sound deadening ma- terial such as HushMat's Ultra or Silencer Megabond products, which he says are "designed to enhance sound quality—in anything on wheels or anything that floats." To understand the mechanics, McCarthy draws a comparison to a home system. "What sounds better—a home theater speaker or a car audio speak- er in a car door?" he asks. While it's obvious that the home speakers sound better, the reason has to do with the surroundings. Just as the speaker cabinets and other materials inside a room affect the quality of a home audio system, the materials (or lack of materials) inside a car affect the quality of a car audio system. One reason for poor audio quality, he says, "is the car speaker sits inside a thin sheet metal can with a bunch of holes." That's where the HushMat products step in. Ultra is a flexible compounded butyl rubber material backed with aluminum foil that curbs low-frequency vibrations. It also serves as a thermal insulating material. Silencer Megabond is a variable cellular sound-absorbing and ther- mal-insulating foam that is produced with an aggressive pressure-sen- sitive adhesive. It absorbs high-frequency airborne noise such as exhaust drone, engine noise and wind—noise that enters the vehicle through the air rather than through the car's structure. An added benefit is that it provides 30-percent more thermal insulation. Both products combined will reduce a 200-degree firewall to room temperature. "Without question, the first upgrade we recommend is HushMat Ultra sound-deadening and insulating material applied to the firewall, floor, tunnel and trunk from front to back," says McCarthy. He notes it serves the dual purpose of preventing the low-frequency vibrations and road noise from disrupting the music and also reduces thermal transfer from the engine and exhaust by 40 percent. PHBMAYp58-91.indd 64 4/2/14 1:53 PM

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