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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 65 "The key product characteristics are the mass/density of the material, flexibility of the material and adhesion of the material," he says. HushMat offers good/better/best solutions to enhance car audio quality. A "good" treatment for coaxial speakers, for example, is a HushMat Ul- tra Speaker Kit, which serves as a gasket between the metal of the speaker and the metal of the door. This stops vibration from transferring from the speaker to the car door. A "better" treatment is a HushMat Ultra complete door kit, which adds a layer of sound deadening material to the entire door. The "best" treatment combines a HushMat Ultra complete door kit; 1/4-inch Silencer Megabond to the back of the removable door panel; and a HushMat Wave Breaker directly behind the coax speaker magnet on top of the HushMat Ultra on the outer "skin" of the door. This treatment offers the highest qualtiy high-fidelity sound. McCarthy says HushMat currently has more than 1,900 vehicle-specific kits covering virtually every major hot rod, muscle car and light truck built. Good Vibrations Silencer Megabond is a variable cellular sound-absorbing and thermal-insu- lating foam that absorbs high-frequency (up to 4000 Hz) airborne noise. A HushMat Ultra Speaker Kit serves as a gasket between the metal of the speaker and the metal of the door. Just as the speaker cabinets and other materials inside a room affect the quality of a home audio system, the materials (or lack of materials) inside a car affect the quality of a car audio system. One reason for poor audio quality, he says, "is the car speaker sits inside a thin sheet metal can with a bunch of holes." That's where the HushMat products step in. Ultra is a flexible compounded butyl rubber material backed with aluminum foil that curbs low-frequency vibrations. It also serves as a thermal insulating material. Silencer Megabond is a variable cellular sound-absorbing and ther- mal-insulating foam that is produced with an aggressive pressure-sen- sitive adhesive. It absorbs high-frequency airborne noise such as exhaust drone, engine noise and wind—noise that enters the vehicle through the air rather than through the car's structure. An added benefit is that it provides 30-percent more thermal insulation. Both products combined will reduce a 200-degree firewall to room temperature. "Without question, the first upgrade we recommend is HushMat Ultra sound-deadening and insulating material applied to the firewall, floor, tunnel and trunk from front to back," says McCarthy. He notes it serves the dual purpose of preventing the low-frequency vibrations and road noise from disrupting the music and also reduces thermal transfer from the engine and exhaust by 40 percent. Super-Charge your sales! CTEK battery chargers are a truly universal product that sells! With their unique system of chargers, battery status indicators and accessories, you can have a product that appeals to every customer, at all price points. CTEK chargers come with a 5-year warranty, are easy to use, are reliable, and can be a profit center for your business. You can sell chargers and accessories over the counter, or you can offer to install a charging port or indicator so that all of your customers have a simple way to safely maintain their vehicle's battery. CTEK_PerfBiz_May 14 Issue_031114.indd 1 3/11/14 1:02 PM PHBMAYp58-91.indd 65 4/2/14 1:54 PM

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