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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 75 Getting On Track As Castillo tells it, he was born and raised in the same neighborhood in South L.A. where he still lives and works. When BMX bicycles were the rage in the '70s, his parents couldn't afford to buy him one. But being resourceful, and having access to the afore- mentioned toolbox, Castillo scoured the area around the nearby railroad tracks. He'd find a frame; he'd find a rim; he'd find a fork. It didn't take long until he was riding around on his own bicycle, built from those found parts. "It was the first low-rider bike in South Los Angeles," he says. The neighborhood kids were amazed at how cool the 9-year- old's "low-rider" bicycle was; soon they were paying to have their own custom bikes built. His love of cars began a year or two later when he spotted a yellow '32 Ford coupe "all hot-rodded out" behind a house in his grandparents' neighborhood in Mexicali. He was still too young to drive, but not too young to recognize a nice car when he saw one. Chop! Chop! Backyard car cutting leads to Lordz of Kustomz. B y E d d i E W i E B E r Sleek, low '47 Ford. Above: Castillo as a teen- ager, building cars in the driveway with his friend Art. Left and Inset: Nine-year- old Jesse Castillo's "low rid- er" bicycle. Below: Castillo cruised around in a tricked out '67 Mustang during the 1980s with other members of the L.A. Street Boys. PHBMAYp58-91.indd 75 4/2/14 2:01 PM

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