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May 2014 n Performance & Hotrod Business n 77 More years passed. He left school, got a job as a truck driver, started a family "and after that it was pretty much just work all the time. But I still had a love for cars," he says. One year, around mid-March, he decided to give himself an early birthday present. He found a 1951 Chevy convertible, "literally just a rolling shell" and worked on it day and night. By Cinco de Mayo, he was driving it. "It was a convertible and all original," he says. "After I got it painted, I was looking at it and thought, 'Man, that thing has a big windshield!' Huge, like a darn boat." He and some friends were sitting around in the backyard. "I got my saw and I cut the windshield posts," he says. "Everybody was: 'What the heck you doin'!? Dude, you're crazy! That's all original! What are you do- ing!?' But I was: 'Maybe it's all original, but it's not me.' So I chopped it. Now I had a '51 Chevy convertible, with air bags and chopped. Once I pulled that one out, my business pretty much started," he says. He took it to shows and people were amazed and wanted to know if it was a real working convertible. It was and he showed them. He took it to the Pomona Swap Meet and showed off the working convertible top. "After that, people started recognizing my work." Not So Ordinary Days Lordz of Kustomz was born in 2001. All it needed was a building to keep it all contained. Castillo found a place at the end of a dead-end street that was visible from the 10 Freeway and soon curious people wanted to know about the cars they'd see in the yard from the highway and what would he charge to do a chop like this, or a chop like that? "I didn't have intentions to open a busi- ness," he says. "It just happened and it just blew up." In 2003, circumstances forced him to leave that place, but as luck would have it, while visiting his Dad, he noticed a "For Lease" sign on the yard across the street, where he thought he'd be able to store a few cars. Turns out it was not just a yard, but also a building that was big enough to keep 30 cars inside. He moved in and has been chopping and building cars ever since. Castillo says he doesn't turn away any work, which sometimes means a customer WHEN IT COMES TO THE PERFORMANCE PARTS AFTERMARKET, ONE NAME LEADS THE WAY… POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS IN-STORE PLAN-O-GRAM PROGRAM PRODUCT SPECIFIC LITERATURE CONTINUED MANUFACTURER REPRESENTATIVE SUPPORT POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS POINT OF PURCHASE DISPLAYS IN-STORE PLAN-O-GRAM PROGRAM IN-STORE PLAN-O-GRAM PROGRAM PRODUCT SPECIFIC LITERATURE PRODUCT SPECIFIC LITERATURE CONTINUED MANUFACTURER CONTINUED MANUFACTURER REPRESENTATIVE SUPPORT GOT FACTORY SUPPORT? FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW WE CAN HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR SALES CONTACT YOUR EDELBROCK SALES REP AT 1-800-781-2222 © 2014 Edelbrock, LLC WWW.EDELBROCK.COM/HRR • Get FREE catalogs: 888-626-6446 Tech: 800-416-8628, 7am-5pm PST. M-F. PHBMAYp58-91.indd 77 4/2/14 2:03 PM

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