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The Problem: Ethanol Corrosion In Carbureted Street Rods The growing use of Ethanol in modern pump fuel significantly increases the risk of carburetor and fuel system corrosion. Ethanol is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs mois- ture, which causes corrosion in the fuel system and inside the engine. High levels of Ethanol dilution in the motor oil can also lead to increased moisture in the crankcase, thereby causing rust and other corrosion problems. Plus, Ethanol by itself is corrosive to components made from Zinc and aluminum, like carburetors. These problems are compounded by periods of vehicle storage typical with classic vehicles. 1.866.611.1820 • DRIVENRACINGOIL.COM Ethanol Attacks Carburetors & Mechanical Fuel Pumps. Purchase Carb Defender from reputable speed shops, major mail order re- tailers or directly from the Driven website ( The SoluTion: Driven Carb Defender Fuel Additive Carb Defender utilizes specially engineered corrosion inhibitors to prevent costly re- pairs and poor performance caused by the corrosive effects of today's Ethanol-blended pump gas. This highly concentrated additive also restores performance by cleaning and protecting against power-robbing deposits. Unlike parts store fuel stabilizers, Carb Defender was designed for the special needs of carbureted classic vehicles that often spend much of their lives in storage. Simply pour in a bottle of Carb Defender with each fill-up for maximum protection from the harmful effects of Ethanol. Carb Defender is proudly made in the USA and sold in convenient 6-pack cartons (#70041). Today's Ethanol Blended Gasoline Destroys Carbureted Engines 9375j #EthanolKillsCarbs n Prevents Corrosion n Cleans Deposits n Restores Power n Preserves Fuel Scan this QR code to learn more about Carb Defender and the growing problem of Ethanol corrosion. CarB DEfEnDEr ™ OffErS YOur HOT rOD MaXIMuM COrrOSIOn PrOTECTIOn PHB_CPCS_1405A.indd 1 3/28/14 10:42 AM

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