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Wine ne 146 May/June 2014 photographs by zoe isaac n september, high in the Tuscan sky, a raindrop will begin its descent to the vineyards below. The farm, Tenuta Santo Pietro, takes up 72 acres, and is home to olive trees, grape vines, fruit and nut trees, and a 13th-century building that has been I Brothers and Bottles Nicola and Giuseppe Savignano were born in Italy and raised on the North Shore. Today, their wine importing business keeps them connected across the Atlantic. By Calvin Hennick restored and turned into a 12-room inn with Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. But the raindrop will ignore all of this, aiming instead for the forehead of Giuseppe Savi- gnano, standing on his land and search- ing the clouds for hints of his harvest's fate. After the drop plops on Giuseppe's brow, and then the rest of the sky opens up to let loose a torrent that drenches the grapes, he will run inside and call his brother Nicola—six time zones behind in Manchester-by-the-Sea—and they will talk about the weather. This isn't idle chitchat. A September rain in Italy has ramifications months, even years later on the North Shore. These are the last weeks of the growing season, when only the red Sangiovese grapes— used in the production of Chianti—remain on the vine, and they need sunshine to reach their optimal sugar content. A rainy month means a lower crop yield, which means fewer barrels of wine for Giuseppe to produce, which means fewer bottles for Nicola to sell in the states two years later, after the maturation process is complete. In this way—in business together, both of them subject to the whims of weather Primo Vino The Savignano brothers carry a nice selection of varietals from their Tuscan vineyards, and sell them in places like Henry's Wine Cellar in Beverly. KJ_NS MayJun 14 PSP.indd 146 3/27/14 5:05 PM

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