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May/June 2011

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BY The nUMBeRs » 6,000 to 8,000 items pressed out weekly at D&l Cleaners, which will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in November. sToRY: Page 96. 140 Number of days taken by Dome Technology, an international engineer- ing company, to complete construction of the Monticello Montessori School in Ammon. sToRY: Page 88. 600 Number of bags of quick take- out chips offered by Plum loco restau- rant. For just 10 bucks, Plum loco will sell you a spice bag that makes 3 gal- lons of delicious salsa. sToRY: Page 60. 6 Degrees of Black Belt attained by master-martial arts instructor Scott Southwick, who has recently been rec- ognized internationally for his training excellence. sToRY: Page 40. 50+ Collective number of health and wellness programs offered by Eastern idaho Regional Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital and and Bingham Memorial Hospital, Offerings include everything from stroke semi- nars to first-aid tips, smoking cessation, rehab support and workplace safety. lIsTIngs: Page 44. 3 to 4 Range of length, in millimeters, of the spruce ips beetle now attack- ing spruce trees throughout the valley. sToRY: Page 90. 66 lifespan, in years, of the ill-fated fountain built on Memorial Drive in 1922 to honor fallen soldiers from the “war to end all wars.” it had begun to crumble, and in 1988 was demolished in favor of the memorial structures now standing on Memorial Drive. sToRY: Page 80. TheY saId IT » “I spent years in prison taking from society and then society made it possible for me to go to college through federal grants. I would really like to pay that back by working with families and young people who are deeply affected by drug and alcohol abuse.” —University Place/ISU Graduate Les Brinkley, on his whirlwind journey out of substance abuse and into social work IdahoFallsMagazIne.CoM 31 Milestones Pinecrest Golf Course 75- year milestone Pinecrest Golf Course was rated by Golf Digest last year as the #1 course in the state of Idaho. They also happen to be one of the cheap- est 18-hole courses to play in Idaho. To celebrate their 75-year milestone, they will host exciting events and possibly a tournament. “It’s affordable golf at a famous golf course,” said Tim Reinke, Pinecrest Golf Course professional and manager. Chesbro Music 100- year milestone Chesbro Music is hitting the 100-year mark for 2011. They aren’t just a retail store, but are a national wholesale distributor that shares their inventory and exper- tise with the people of Southeast Idaho. The loyal and dedicated employees have been serving the musical community of Idaho Falls for many of those years. “It’s exciting for us and the employees. The heritage of a family member is very important to us,” said Tana Stahn, CFO of Chesbro Music. Farr Candy Company 100- year milestone Farr Candy Company not only produces quality candies, but is the largest ice cream manufacturer in the area, producing around 2,000 gallons of ice cream a day. They make six of their own premium, hand-dipped candy bars, including the flavors cherry cordial, huckleberry cordial, raspberry cordial, mallo-nut, peanut cluster and black walnut. They produce for Broulim’s stores, Rainey Creek (Swan Valley’s “Square Ice Cream” store) and more. “We are going to be doing some celebrating with the county,” says Farr owner Kevin Call. “We’ll also have ice cream socials around the community, car shows and we’re heavy into the duck race and will do some things with that.” Note: Be sure to check out the next edition of Idaho Falls magazine for a feature on the company and its history. —RACHEL SNOW [aRoUnd ToWn ]

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