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DesigneD for Decoration? Bling is a great option, especially for larger duf- fel bags. But the process can be tricky as the heat transfer can damage the bag. Tempera- tures required for the transfer to adhere must be compatible with the material and quality of the bag. Note also that the imprint area must be a flat sur- face. Anything on the inside of the bag such as a pocket, clasp, etc. will create an imprint during the transfer process. Temperatures that are too high can create an unsightly "shine" on the bag or even melt or scorch the bag. Another issue to look for is the construction of the bag. When applying to a pocket, the pocket must be sewn onto the bag straight and in line with other vertical and horizontal lines or pockets. Applying a design will draw attention to imperfections in con- struction that might not otherwise be noticeable. Of course, quality of the transfer is also import- ant. Transfers should be tested and accompanied by a lead free certificate to protect both the consumer and the supplier. Adhering to the product is import- ant, not only for the appearance, but to protect small children from choking and creating a liability for the supplier. Embroidery also makes a brilliant statement and adds value to many products. But it's important to consider the size of the top opening and/or pockets to ensure the bags will fit on an embroidery hoop in the desired area. Look for details such as inside pock- ets that leave the front available for a logo or name. Regardless of the decorating method, quality of the products and consideration to placement both before manufacturing and after are important. To- day's consumers love that extra impact that bling and personalization offer. Joy Merchant, SaSSi DeSignS LtD. BagS & acceSSorieS tips & tricks Duffle bag carolina Made carries Puma's 20" duffle. the bag features 400D dobby polyester, 600D tPe material blocking, a ventilated shoe pocket, and an internal zipper pocket. it measures 20" X 10.5" X 10", and comes in colors black, navy, orange, red, and royal. 800-222-1409 Sublimatable bags Sublimatable shoulder bags are now available from Johnson Plastics. the versatile black bag features a white sublimatable front panel ready for personal- ization. Made of satin-twill poly- ester materials with a sturdy adjustable strap, the bag comes in small 8" square, medium 12" square, and large 12" X 17" sizes. 800-869-7800 Bags & accessories showcase 94 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 9 5 closely examine construction before decorating pockets as otherwise invis- ible imperfections will be magnified. (image courtesy Sassi Designs Ltd.) PW_MAY14.indd 94 4/17/14 1:17 PM

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