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20 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 21 Your Personal Business Trainer by Vince Dicecco Vince DiCecco is a dynamic and sought-after seminar speaker and author with a unique perspective on business development and management subjects, primarily in the decorated- and promotional-apparel industries. With over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and training, he is pres- ently an independent consultant to various apparel-decorating businesses looking to improve profitability and sharpen their competitive edge. Visit his new website at, and send email to | | | | B asketball great Michael Jordan said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win cham- pionships." Companies worldwide—including decorated apparel shops of all sizes—face formidable talent challenges. Ultimately, the business that can sustain a steady supply of critical talent across all business functions will con- sistently win over any competitor, regardless of the health and vitality of the marketplace. Among the issues impacting the "new economy, next gen- eration" workforce are impending skill shortages, an increas- ingly cross-generational and diverse workforce, the need for knowledge transfer from retiring baby boomers to the millennials, and significant leadership gaps. In today's economic environment, it's important that organizations address talent issues promptly. Allow me to introduce the four 'B's of assembling a championship team: Build, Borrow, Buy and Bounce. The trick is selecting the best method of the four to draft your roster of players. The firsT Three 'B's are key The first order of business is to list all of the roles needed to fill and what specific job func- tions are essential to a shop's success. Don't forget to include the tasks and responsibilities that you have no intention of hiring an employ- ee to do, but need to get done anyway— such as accounting and tax preparation, or office equipment repair and maintenance, to name a few. For each business function on your list, determine which of the first three 'B's— Build, Buy or Borrow—you will choose to find or develop the right person for the task. All three are viable options. It just depends on the resources you have and are willing to invest in making your selection. Build The Build investment is defined as devel- oping talent through training, education, formal skill improvement, special assign- ments and action learning. Coaching and mentoring programs are key components in building a team. If the finished goods themselves—their style, design and uniqueness—afford your shop its competitive edge, build the train- ing resources that highlight and support those offerings. Illustrate their unique fea- tures and benefits to both employees and business partners, as you would to your customers. If your business is differentiated based on the level of service you provide, you may want to consider building your own learn- ing content to teach the skills and behaviors that separate your shop from the competi- tion. Make sure your learning content re- inforces the attitudes that set your service apart from the market, too. the Four 'B's of talent Management Facing challenges Most business owners agree that talent management is of strategic importance. In a comprehensive study conducted jointly by Hewitt Associates and the Human Capital Institute, nearly 700 senior-level talent leaders ranked the top workforce challenges facing today's business owners as follows: 1. Attracting and retaining skilled professional workers, 2. Developing managerial capability, 3. Retaining high performers, 4. Developing succession pool depth, and 5. Addressing shortages of management or leadership talent. PW_MAY14.indd 20 4/17/14 9:39 AM

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