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20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 3 Contents | May 2014 | Volume 27 | Number 9 2 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 © 2014 National Business Media, Inc., all rights reserved. Printwear (ISSN 1522-7898) is published monthly plus an extra issue in May by National Business Media, Inc., 2800 W. Midway Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80020; (303) 469-0424; Fax (303) 469-5730. Subscription rates in the US: One year, 45; Two years, $80; Three years, $108. Canada: One year, $76; Two years, $142; Three years, $201 (U.S. funds). Mexico/International: One year, $98; Two years, $186; Three years, $267 (U.S. funds). Periodicals Postage Paid at Broomfield, CO 80020 and additional mailing offices. USPS/National Business Media automatable Poly. POSTMaSTER: Please send address changes to Printwear, PO Box 460353, Escondido, Ca 92046-0353. all items submitted to Printwear become the sole property of Printwear and National Business Media, Inc. and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the publisher. advertisers and/or their agencies, jointly and severally, assume all liabilities for printed advertisements in Printwear. Opinions expressed in Printwear may not necessarily reflect the opinion of the magazine, its management or its advertisers. Letters, pictures and manuscripts welcome. 42 82 92 F eatures 36 OPeratiOn wOMen'S wear Printwear delves into the world of women's wear, uncovering which decorations are best suited for the market. 42 trenDS in wOMen'S FaSHiOnS Discover how sublimation fits in the realm of women's wear with insight from Aaron Montgomery. 46 StYLe SHOwCaSe: wOMen'S wear Classic or trendy, simple or detailed, this showcase has all of the options necessary to complete the job. 82 inkS OF tHe tiMeS Rick Davis charts the evolution of screen printing inks and how these advancements helped to create the decorated apparel industry we know today. 86 ink evaLuatiOn Ray Smith examines the best ways to determine the quality of the various screen printing inks on the market. 92 StYLe SHOwCaSe: BaGS anD aCCeSSOrieS Find tips and tricks designated for bags and accessories from industry experts while also exploring your wholesale choices. On Our Cover Our thanks to women's wear giant BELLA + CANVAS for the use of their image on this issue's cover. For more options in fe- male-friendly duds, turn to page 46. Printwear PasswOrd This issue's indusTry Term is: Thread WeighT In embroidery, thread weight refers to a thread's thickness. It used to be that thread was bought and sold based on its weight, which could be altered by its length or its thickness. In the U.S., the higher the weight of the thread, e.g. 60 weight, the finer the thread. The lower the weight, e.g., 12 weight, the thicker the thread. (SEE PagE 74) PW_MAY14.indd 2 4/17/14 3:32 PM

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