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20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 37 I n women's wear, it's all about the details—color-blocking, feminine styling, on-trend palettes, and so on. But ultimately, regardless of the cut, color, or design details, perhaps the most important part of pick- ing a blank is how it will work for the in- tended decoration. That is, after all, the whole point of this vast industry. For this reason, Printwear examined the options best suited for a feminine touch, and why they should be candidates for your next women's wear run. METHOD: Bling The added amount of sparkle from dec- orations such as rhinestones and spangles scream women's wear. The sports market is a particularly successful segment for rhinestones or sparkly decorations, says Veronica Vargas, VS Rhinestone Designs Inc., as sports moms, and cheer and dance teams are typically inclined to shine. An- other shining option is spangles, which are essentially sequins without holes and don't require thread, explains ColDesi's Mark Stephenson. These unique sparkles can easily be applied to a variety of fabric com- positions, except nylon, with a heat press. And, since spangles are lightweight, they can be applied to various locations such as collars and necklines without sagging. Both rhinestone transfers and spangles can be used on practically any fabric from polyester to blends to cotton, although some textiles have a protective coating that restricts proper adhesion, Vargas warns. To avoid loose or lost stones, always check with distributors for compatible finish- es. Of particular concern for spangles are heat press and peel times, as these differ from traditional rhinestone transfers. Ste- phenson reports that best results can be achieved by pressing at 320 degrees for eight seconds and then allowing the trans- fer to cool before peeling. METHOD: DEBOssing Suitable for professional settings, deboss- ing offers a subtle effect, states Bill Horst, Trimark Sportswear Group. The technique creates a pressed in tone-on-tone, textural graphic, essentially blending into the gar- ment. The result is a clean, modern look perfect for an office or corporate environ- ment. Debossing, however, can only be used on synthetic garments, and is best suited for 100 percent polyester garments, Horst informs us. It can also often be limited in its location application, but makes a great impact on either the left chest or arm, for example. For a Feminine Touch Operation Women's Wear b y C a r ly H o l l m a n - l o n g 36 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 (Image courtesy Trimark Sports- wear Group) Rhinestones, spangles, and other "bling" decorations are great for women's wear, especially the cheer market. (Image at right courtesy VS Rhinestone Designs Inc.; Image below courtesy ColDesi) PW_MAY14.indd 36 4/17/14 10:59 AM

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