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20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 5 4 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 Contents | May 2014 | Volume 27 | Number 9 Columns 6 COMMOn tHreaDS Lessons from history 14 SeLLinG SMart In the mind of the customer 16 SOFtware tO SUBStrate All about the chrome! 20 BUSineSS trainer The four 'B's of talent management 24 GraPHiCS HOt SPOt Long live transfers 28 internet StrateGieS Your game, your gain 112 LaSt LaUGH Time's a-wasting Departments 8 BUSineSS watCH Watching business 17 weB watCH What's on the web? 33 inprint Industry lit 75 PrODUCt HiGHLiGHtS Highlighted suppliers' goods 102 tHe LateSt Product reviews 106 DateBOOk Mark your calendar 108 tHe MarketPLaCe Classified ads 110 Get inFO SySteM Advertiser index " Quality secures loyalty. " — Ray Smith, from ink Evaluation, page 86 102 58 58 Hart of eMBrOiDery Helen Hart Momsen shares sto- ries of trials and triumphs gath- ered from those in the trenches. 62 StitCH SOLUtiOnS Jennifer Cox shares what it takes to start an embroidery business from the ground up. 66 SinGLe-COLOr DeSiGnS Erich Campbell explains how to create dynamic designs in just one color. 70 a tHreaD OF a DiFFerent COLOr Printwear uncovers the benefits of specialty embroidery thread. 74 eMBrOiDery SeLeCtiOn GUiDe Find the best thread choice suit- ed for a variety of jobs with this handy guide. PW_MAY14.indd 4 4/17/14 3:33 PM

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