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20 1 4 M AY PRINTWEAR | 65 STITCH SOLUTIONS TOOLS It simply astounds me to discover that, although someone just paid thousands of dollars for an embroidery machine, they are hesitant to spend several hundred dollars to support that machine with the tools that make using the machine easier. Yes, hoops are expensive. But your time is worth more! Get a set of duplicate hoops in the sizes you use the most frequently. If you are hooping unusual or thick items, get the hoops that are designed to handle these products—they exist because they work. If you intend to embroider more than six garments or products a day, consider a hoop- ing device. They are designed to help you get consistent design placement and protect your wrists from fatigue. Also, quit doing the "desk pat down," looking for the only pair of scissors you own. Buy several pairs of fabric shears and snips and keep a pair on the machine, near the hooping area, and where you trim garments. MINDSET One of the biggest factors influencing your success rate is your mindset. If you are determined to solve every challenge on your own, congratulations— you will win the prize for "most determined to fig- ure it out." Unfortunately, other business owners that look to outside resources for information and assistance will win when it comes to their profitabil- ity, success, and growth. When you remain isolated, you reinvent wheels that have been perfected by many other embroidery business owners. Connect online, attend industry events, or check with the folks that sold you the ma- chine and see what resources are available to you. Time management is another critical skill that in- fluences the level of success you will achieve. When you spend 45 minutes helping a customer decide on which shade of purple is "just right" for that baby blanket, you will quickly discover that you are losing money… lots of it! Customers will take as much of your time as you let them. Learn to manage your time and ordering process so that you are serving their needs, answering their questions, and getting paid appropriately. One of the most common complaints we hear from new embroiderers is that they are really, really busy, but they are not making money. And they have no idea why. The first thing to look at is how you are spending your time. Being busy does not equate to being profitable. Profitability is the result of spending your time sewing and selling profitable orders. These are the only two ways you make money! There are many other factors that will help you get started, but those mentioned here seem to have the largest impact at the beginning of the process. If you would like to bounce your ideas or concerns about starting an embroidery business around with me, email me at pw THE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES If you are considering starting an embroidery business, your greatest limitation is likely to be YOU and what you believe to be true, and the decisions you make based on those beliefs. These thoughts include… 1. They won't pay that. 2. They won't like this. 3. They don't need that. 4. It is not good enough. Your customers don't make such statements, only you do—so stop it! You can do this, and there are many resources available to help you launch and build a profitable embroidery business, whether you are new to this industry or already have an exist- ing apparel decoration business! MARKETPLACE DISPLAY ADVERTISING To advertise in The Marketplace, contact Diane Gilbert 800-669-0424, ext. 297 Order by May 30th & new customers will receive 20% OFF! Use Coupon Code: Newcustomer20 PW_MAY14.indd 65 4/17/14 12:12 PM

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