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20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 67 short stitches and fills seem rougher and duller, while long stitches and satins seem smoother and glossier. Depth: We can build our embroidery in such a way to use its natural dimension- ality, using the height of an element, its placement in relation to layers of other el- ements, and the reflective characteristics of the thread to create a sense of depth and dimension. By controlling stitch angles and digitizing sculpturally, we manipulate the play of light over our surface and can even give the illusion of multiple shades of thread, and all without the use of 3D foam or other materials. Density: Controlling how closely ele- ments are spaced can make areas seem lighter or darker, dense or sparse, loose or tight. By using techniques common to any style of line art, like engraving, pen-and-ink work, or woodcut printing, single-color stitching can be used to generate tone, even in the absence of additional colors. Color: The color of our thread and the color of our substrate remain in our control. The amount of contrast between thread and garment, the strength of the shadows that can be seen on each stitch, and the visibility of the stitch penetrations are all Here, individual cylindrical elements on the car were rendered as satins, and the judicious splitting of satin stitches was used to increase the feeling of di- mension as the tread remained separate from the wall of the tires. Elements are layered to make them appear further forward or backward in the plane to increase this effect. In the shadow, a random-length fill was used to make the ground look more rough and organic. • 800.4.STAHLS With Any Word. AnyWay. ™ creating custom lettering for garments, bags and more is simple, fun and fabulous. Select from thousands of fonts and layouts, materials and colors in sew or no-sew options. Most orders ship same day. 4-14 Your Online Custom Lettering Designer design. decorate. deliver. Sales are in the Bag Go online and start to design! Powered by CadworxLIVE ™ "Fabulous": Distressed Appliqué - Acrylic Felt on Chino TWILL. PW_MAY14.indd 67 4/17/14 1:02 PM

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