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74 | Printwear M ay 20 1 4 Thread Type: Cotton Best Uses: Popular among quilters. Ideal when going for a matte look. Worst Uses: Spun cotton usually does not do well with small, thin, delicate work. Tips: Has little to no stretch; will break if pulled too tightly; will fade in the sun; can shrink in the wash. Topstitch or large-eyed needled are often required. Thread Type: Fire-Resistant Best Uses: Use where safety issues are a concern, such as motor sports, aeronautical, specialty uniforms, and the like. Worst Uses: Does not work well for designs that require many different colors (fire-resistant is available in limited colors); should not be used on delicate items, or in any design where safety is not an issue. Tips: A costlier thread due to its properties; keep this in mind when pricing a job involving safety thread. Thread Type: Glow-in-the-Dark Best Uses: Popular on Halloween costumes and other children's novelty wear. Worst Uses: Overuse within any one pattern, or when the thread isn't used on the most appropriate element within the design. Tips: This type of thread should only be used when appropriate for best results. Also take into account its need to recharge. Thread Type: Matte Finish Best Uses: Use for items with prolonged exposure to sunlight, such as patio cushions, boat covers, flags, dog collars, etc. Worst Uses: Not recommended when a design—or a customer— calls for a shiny or lustrous look. Tips: Withstands extreme exposure to sunlight—use for specific applications. Thread Type: Metallic Best Uses: Use as an accent, when embroidery is not too dense. Ideal choice for holiday and athletic themes. Worst Uses: Not for overly-dense embroidery creations. Trying to do metallic thread in small areas typically doesn't turn out very clean. Lower quality metallic threads can shred. Tips: May require special digitizing. Follow manufacturers' recom- mendations regarding the machine speed, thread tension, needle selection, and any other specs. Thread Type: Mixed/Twist Best Uses: Good choice for a unique effect for animals and flow- ers. Use for special effect of uniform blending of two colors. Worst Uses: Not ideal when a design requires Pantone color matches. Tips: Slower speed and lower tension can yield best results. 20 1 4 M ay Printwear | 75 Embroidery Thread Selection Guide In the commercial embroidery business, today's apparel decorating professionals have many different embroidery threads to choose from. Here, Printwear asked its sources to help you make sense of the various options and make the best selections for the job. PW_MAY14.indd 74 4/17/14 9:52 AM

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