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The new and improved now with 3 year warranty Buffalo 34/5 • Adjustable handlebars with anti-vibration mountings • Fixed clip rate irrespective of forward speed (88) • Easy cylinder to bottom blade adjustment • Variable hoc from 10mm to 40mm • Large diameter front roller • Clear view of cutting area For more information or to book your demo call 01889 271 503 3 Y e a r W arr an ty Bu fa fa fa ff ff alo 34/ 4/5 5 3 www 01889 271 503 ormati e inf or mor F 3 y ty n t a r r a W a r a e a Y e .uk w. 01889 271 503 our demo call ion or to book y 2 0 1 4 / 1 5 C A T A L O G U E Our latest catalogue is bigger and better than ever. This year we are celebrating ten years of being at the forefront of sports equipment innovation and design. O R D E R T O D A Y 0 1 5 0 2 7 1 0 0 3 9 One adviser to the LOC has been Maristela Kuhn, agronomist and grass specialist, who has trained the pitch managers in the preparation programme. "There are significant differences in climate and geography at the World Cup locations from north to south," he said. "The key challenge, therefore, was to define a homogeneous grass solution that would provide uniform and fair playing surfaces. Overseeding with this special seed mixture has been an important part of the strategy." Two Brazilian turf constructors, World Sports & Marketing and Greenleaf, renovated or rebuilt all the World Cup stadia. World Sports & Marketing CEO, Roberto Gomide, said as pitch preparation started: "The DLF seed has that unique technical quality and visible features that will create the ultimate playing surface. I feel confident that the pitches will be outstanding." This sentiment was echoed by Greenleaf CEO Paulo Antonio Azeredo Neto, who added: "In the preparations for the tournament we are confronted by multiple challenges for the pitches, the tropical season being one and the shady conditions another. The 4turf innovation and the high-end quality sports grass solutions from DLF provide the answers to these challenges." Jan Gottlieb and Maximino Santiago Borsi, export and general manager, respectively, of DLF-Trifolium, toured some of the stadia in early May and are confident that the pitches will be ready. Indeed, the pitch at Arena de São Paolo, the venue for the opening match in São Paolo on 12 June, was ready while contractors were completing finishing work in the weeks leading up to the start of the tournament. This particular pitch has no Bermuda grass; it consists entirely of the new perennial ryegrass solution. l 4turf variety (second left) showing deeper rooting compared to diploid perennial ryegrass AWARD SPONSOR PROFILE 27 the Groundsman June 2014 Visit for more information and digital editions

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